How to Look Unique with Different Bohemian Styles

Some people may think that they know exactly what Bohemian style is. After all, this style aims to amplify how artistic and unique a person is. But, how can you be unique when some people also follow this fashion statement? My tip for a unique Bohemian ensemble is simple – mix it up! You can do that by knowing the development of this style through the years. You might be surprised how varied Bohemian style is.

What Does ‘Bohemian’ Mean?

Interestingly, Bohemians are originally known as refugees or travelers from central Europe. They are also called gypsies. In modern times, the word “bohemian” is shortened to “boho” whenever incorporated with fashion. Hence, the “boho-chic” era. Bohemian is often associated with freedom or liberation.

Different Bohemian Styles

I compiled my own list of various styles based on what I’ve learned about Bohemian fashion history. Even I was amazed how unfamiliar some of the styles are in this generation. For your next Bohemian-themed party or whenever you feel like wearing it, make sure to try these classic styles:

Jane Morris Style

A famous painting model in the pre-Raphaelite age, Jane Morris is one of the early inspirations of Bohemian style. She usually wore a flowing dress like what most women were wearing in her time but with a prominent difference – no corset, collar, crinoline, hoop and other restrictive accessories. Her structure-less fashion sense may be outrageous in the past but in the 20th century, she became an inspiration for style. As for her hair, she just let it flow in big waves on both sides of her temples. For the accessories, she wore a lot of exotic beads.

Modern Version

To avoid looking ancient because of a puffy, droopy dress, wear a shorter one. It doesn’t have to be puffy. You just have to wear a loose one and balance it out with a belt. Although the outfit has a lot of wrinkly portions, it is part of the style. You would look cool and comfortable. The off-shoulder style gives a seductive vibe, which exactly captures the essence of Bohemian fashion in the past.

Effie Gray Style

Euphemia Gray was one fearless, independent woman. She pursued what she wanted to do no matter how scandalous, and that’s leaving her first husband. She ended up marrying a pre-Raphaelite painter. Gray was known for her love in putting actual flowers on her hair and clothes as accessories. Her unforgettable style was circling the flowers around her hair.

Modern Version

You don’t need to put actual flowers on your hair. It doesn’t even have to be colorful. Just wear a circlet with floral shapes. This style became a staple part in Bohemian fashion.

Dorelia Style

The gypsy look became popular in the 20th century because of Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeill. Dorelia was the muse in the paintings of Augustus John. She usually wore full, long skirts either covered with bright colors or just a plain dark color. When it comes to the upper part of her dresses, she liked to wear it tight and match it with a colorful bodice. She also liked wearing long earrings. Her style is one of the most favorite looks of the modern Bohemian fashion.

Modern Version

For the top, you can still wear it tight and even shorter. But, you need to have a full skirt for balance. You can also match a dark-colored top with a colorful skirt or vice versa.

1940s Parisian Peasant Style

The year 1944 is known to be the time when Paris was finally liberated. For some reason, Parisian women liked to wear white blouses and colorful peasant skirts. They also loved wearing flowers on their hair and big fancy earrings. Some even wore ridiculously big hats full of decorations such as ribbons, feathers, fruits and flowers.

Modern Version

I personally liked this Bohemian style the most. It is feminine and fit for young women of this generation. You can maintain the white blouse and make the skirt shorter. Keep the skirt pretty and colorful.

Victoria Secret Peasant Skirt

Talitha Getty Style

Coincidentally, one of the trendsetters of Bohemian fashion is related to another style icon. Talitha Getty, an actress popular in the 1960s, was the step-granddaughter of Dorelia McNeill. Her stylish and liberated photographs in Morocco created a craze among hippies. She loved wearing colorful flowing dresses with detailed embroidery.

Modern Version

Nothing has changed much since Getty posed for beautiful photographs in Morocco. Getty is one of the most favorite icons for modern Bohemian fashion. When you search for Bohemian fashion online, you will see a lot of Getty inspirations.

Western Bohemian Style

Ever wondered why some current Bohemian outfits are matched with cowboy boots and ultra mini shorts? Still in the ‘60s, American hippie travelers in Morocco preferred wearing cowboy boots and embroidered skirts. But, when they came across 1950s-style underwear popular in Marrakesh, they decided to wear them like shorts or outside their pants.

Jamie Rosenberg

Modern Version

Denim mini shorts are trendy nowadays, not just with Bohemian fashion. The Western Bohemian style is popular during music festivals. You can mix this style with Getty’s popular fashion statement. You can wear a colorful embroidered blouse or scarf worn over a white top. Then, add the cowboy boots.

Celebrity Bohemian Styles

What I like about celebrities wearing Bohemian fashion is that they mix and match different styles. That’s exactly how you can be more unique. Here are some of my favorite celebs rocking Bohemian style:

Vanessa Hudgens

A sheer flowing dress always works. Do you also notice the bag? Vanessa Hudgens effortlessly mixed Jane Morris and Western Bohemian style.

Blake Lively

This bombshell has a sophisticated and modern way to nail the Bohemian look. Blake Lively wore the usual colors and patterns of some Talitha Getty outfits on her modern-looking trench coat. Instead of cowboy boots, she just resorted to stylish knee-length boots.

Hannah Tietjen

Taylor Swift

This Bohemian outfit of Taylor Swift reminds me of the Parisian peasant style back in the ‘40s. Her modern Western hat and bag still look good with the whole feminine look.

Final Thoughts

As I was reading about Bohemian style, this fashion statement is not just about getting inspiration from a specific ethnic group. It is all about comfort and freedom in wearing whatever you want.

Nifty Lifehacks For Small House: For A Tidy And Spotless Interior

For a super mom like me with a baby, a sleepy-head husband, four furry friends and has a very busy lifestyle with no nanny and a helper, one of the time-consuming tasks I do is to clean our very own home.

We live in a two-story small spaced apartment with storage boxes here and there. Well, that sounds like much of a clutter, I know right?

Normally, I do the general cleaning and laundry on weekends but unfortunately by midweek the mound of fresh and clean laundry is still on our tiny sofa, dirty dishes at rest waiting to be washed and to top it off, flying dog furs are everywhere. Then at the end of the week, it’s a different story. Yes my friend, it is quite an exhausting cycle.

If you inhabit a house, pad or apartment with little space, you know that it’s quite a challenge to keep it spotless and neat comparable to the luxurious ones complete with maids and cleaners. You may ask me, why is that? Simply because smaller space can’t keep up with the growing number of things that you want for your home as well as the pile of dirt and dust that you unconsciously get from the outside world.

Worry no more though since a few ingenious people out there found ways to use common things you normally have at your home as help for you to achieve the cleanliness you long desire. Consider this list as life hacks that somehow cheat what is the norm and create comfort to those who applies.


Put together your bed.

Start your day right by arranging your bed the moment you wake up. Making it as a daily habit will not just help you keep your bedroom neat but also pleasant to the eyes.

Get rid of the glasses and water bottles in your bedside table.

Take away the glasses and water bottles that you used last night and keep your bedside table clutter-free. Make sure to wipe the table to steer clear of the dust.

Keep a mini laundry bag in sight.

Place a mini laundry bag in the corner of your bedroom or inside your closet and always empty it in the morning.

Keep your closet in order.

When you’re in rush, closet disarrangement can happen. To avoid messing up you folded clothes, try to have a glimpse on your closet every morning and if there’s any disarrays, put them back in place. Also, you can search for tips on the internet on how to organize your closet and make it clutter-free.

Place a trash bin.

Keep a small bin in your room for your trash and unnecessary clutter from last night and make it a habit to clean the bin in the morning.

Open the curtains and windows.

Let your room experience the sunlight and fresh air in the morning. It’s a natural way of deodorizing it and it’s always nice to see well-lit bedrooms.

Wipe down surfaces and sweep away the dust.

Get rid of the dust and dirt every morning by wiping off the surfaces and sucking out the corners and the floor using a vacuum.

Vinegar solution to eliminate the bugs.

Make the bugs and other insects stay away from your bedroom by spraying a bit of vinegar on the walls.

Car fresheners to add scent and aroma.

Do you know that car air fresheners can actually make excellent and convenient room deodorizer? It has a long-lasting aroma and there are a lot of scent selections to choose from.

Also, car air fresheners don’t leave unwanted mists compared to sprays. The smell produced by the car freshener is much more concentrated, can be equally distributed and can effectively as well as quickly eliminate bad odors.

Since car air fresheners are designed to be placed on small dashboards, stick on air-conditioning vents, or hanged from the passenger mirror, these deodorizers won’t take too much of the room’s space.

Other than that, in terms of cost, they are quite cost effective and it’s easy to store and last longer than fragrant sprays. Check out a list of best car air freshener put together by peimag.


Wash the dishes right after eating your meals.

Doing the dishes right after you had your meal is an ideal time for everyone. Studies suggest that by the simple act of washing the dirty dishes could actually promote state of mindfulness.

Also, make it a habit to wash used kitchen tools during and after cooking. It will make it a lot easier to clean up after each meal.

Always wipe counter tops and cooking surfaces right after using.

Don’t let the tiny spill of grease or dirt in your kitchen to last for a couple of hours or worse days. Whenever you see one, make sure to clean it right away to avoid stains and discolorations. Remember that everyone loves to cook on a spotless kitchen.

Organize your kitchen equipment accordingly.

Organization is the key in having a spotless kitchen. Put your cooking tools, dishware and ingredients accordingly on the right designated places. In fact, you don’t have to spend a fortune in systematizing your stuff, there are lots of tutorials online on how to organize your kitchen.

Put a trash bin under the kitchen counter.

Have a trash bin under the kitchen counter or anywhere you’d like to place it. Make sure that the rubbish storage is covered.

Furthermore, always empty it by night, after you wash your dishes, to avoid unpleasant smell.

Disinfect as possible.

Do you know that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest spaces in your home? After you’ve done the cooking and cleaning, make sure to spray some disinfectant on the area to eliminate unwanted bacteria and germs.


Mini storage for clutters.

Mini basket for clutters is a must-have in a living room. Before hitting the sack, make sure to pick up the clutters such as books, magazines, toys and other stuff in your leaving room and put them back in place the following morning. By doing so, it will be less hassle to clean your living area.

Get rid of the dust in appliances and furniture.

Don’t wait for the dirt and dust to accumulate in your appliances and furniture. By making a habit of wiping the dust off, it will be easy for you to clean up.


Storage for bathrooms.

It’s always a nice feeling to relax and take a warm shower in an organized and tidy bathroom. In small homes, it is quite expected that the bathroom space is also just enough. However, you can utilize every space in your bathroom for storage. You can have wall-hanging baskets or even a small shelf to organize your things. Moreover, there are countless ways in organizing your bathroom belongings.

Keep the disinfectant and cleansing powder in sight.

Just like the tips mentioned in the keeping your kitchen clean, it is also important to do such thing in your bathroom.

Wipe off the counters and sink with a bit of cleansing powder once a day. And clean the toilet area at least twice a week.

Also, disinfect as much as possible.

Keep the fallen hair off the drain.

After taking a shower, it won’t hurt to pick up the fallen hair off the drain. Don’t wait for it to accumulate and start causing floor drain clogs.

Trash bin in place.

Place a trash bin under the sink or in the corner of the bathroom. Make sure to empty it every morning.

Deodorize to eliminate odor.

Put a deodorizer or freshener inside your bathroom to eliminate unwanted odors.


Baskets for dirty and fresh laundry.

As you transfer the dirty clothes from your room into the laundry area, make it a daily routine to separate the white clothes, colored ones, underwear and pants. By doing so, you won’t be having a hard time sorting out clothes in doing your laundry. Moreover, get a separate basket for your clean clothes.

Organize your laundry essentials.

Just like most of the things on the other sections of your home, keep your laundry materials organized.


Organize your cleaning supplies and put it under the sink or any storage that you find convenient.

• Always keep a baking soda, vinegar and lemon in hand for future use in hard to remove stains and dirt. Its an inexpensive and natural way of cleaning.


  • Find a tiny space in your house and transform it into storage. It is essential for organizing your cleaning supplies and other tools. 
  • Place a space-saving vertical containers for tissue rolls and door-hanging racks for sprays, disinfectants, detergent, etc.

  • Screw some hooks for the floor mops, feather dusters, hand towels and dust pans.

  • For people who have lots of empty boxes, fold to flatten them. Keep your boxes for future use.


For those who are living with pets:

Use a vacuum or lint roller to swiftly get the pet hair off all your furniture.
• Bathe your pets twice or thrice a week to avoid unwanted smell and hair dander.
• Make a storage space for your pets’ stuff and food.
• Practice discipline on your pets to avoid clutters from chewing books, wires or even sofas.

Final Thoughts…

To sum it up, here are the things you should keep in mind:

1. Clean as you go.
2. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff because it will only add to the clutter.
3. Choose space-saving furniture.
4. Make use of the multifunctional storage pieces for organizing.
5. Allocate a day each week as your deep-cleaning day.

Is it always pleasurable to live in a neat and tidy home, no matter how small or large it is. If you’ll follow the tips and tricks that were listed above, definitely, you won’t be having problems in keeping your home spotless.

As for myself, I’ll keep those smart hacks in mind make it a daily habit.

Rustic Home Interiors: Must-Try Classy Decors

In designing your own home, a lot of styles and inspirations can be drawn out from home style magazines and the internet. Most of the styles featured on the prints and TV are following a certain motif and genre and usually needs every components inside the house to jive in. And since most of it are done by a schooled interior designer or a software, most spaces or furniture are standard and commercially available.

These spaces and home decors are of course beautiful and of top of the line. When you buy one or a set, it is sure that you won’t be regretting your decision. However, the décors you chose are actually just a copy of a mass produced one thereby making the interior design of your home not that unique. If you’re the type of person who always wants to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, conforming to the best-sellers is definitely a no-no. In these times, you can never find something out from a store that only you can have. Somewhere or sometime, another one of the exact same type will be available for the next buyer and you won’t have a say about it.

The only way for your home to be unique is to create your own décors, do-it-yourself style. Since the trend nowadays is going modern, having a rustic style décor that you made from your own hands could never be more unique than what you imagine you’ll have. Get ready to get dirty and sweaty because you have a job to do to satisfy your hunger for new and unique things. We have just the right things for you today so check it out!

Wood Pallet Coffee Table

The majority of the clutters you’ll find in your storage or outside your house are excess stashed wood pallets. Most of us are having a hard time sorting out and keeping those pallets because they’re space consuming and dust-holders.

However, you can make use of you old pallets and transform them into something useful and resourceful, just like this rustic pallet coffee table.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• hammer
• screw
• driller
• sand paper
• miter saw
• varnish solution
How to do it:
1. Remove dust and other foreign materials off the pallets.
2. Detach the boards that were perpendicular hammered on the pallets.
3. Make use of the removed boards as frame support for the table. Make two table frames for the top and bottom.
4. If there are excess in lengths, cut them off.
5. Start to screw the boards down.
6. Cut the table legs to you desired height. And then, screw them into bottom pallet.
7. Sand the table.
8. After doing so, paint some varnish on it. Let it dry completely.
9. Once dried, put the top pallet onto bottom and join the two.

And there you go! You have your rustic look coffee table ready! Quite easy, right? You just have to exert extra effort for this one, an excellent way to exercise your muscles.

Table Suitcase

Are you a hoarder of suitcases? Guess what, you can make use of your old suitcases and transform them into something useful and decorative, like a table suitcase. By doing so, you won’t be having any problems in storing your used luggage and at the same time, you’re making a storage that can be helpful in organizing your stuff.

Tools and Materials:
• old suitcase
• four table legs
• 4 wing nuts
• 8 flat washers
• Power drill
• paint of your desired color
• paint brush
• yard stick
• measuring tape
• fine pointed marker or pen
How to do it:
1. Using a measuring tool, lay flat your suitcase and measure and mark where you want to put the table legs.
2. Make holes at the marks you made using a power drill.
3. Paint the four table legs of your desired color and let them dry completely.
4. Put the flat washer on each leg.
5. Once dried up, attach the four table legs on the holes you made on the suitcase.
6. Place another flat washer over each hole in your suitcase.
7. Tighten and lock the table legs using a wing nut for each.

Voila! You already have a classic table suitcase. You can put books on the inside and place other stuff on the top of it.

Typographic Wall- Hanging Frame

Do you want to bring some life into your plain walls without spending too much? Well fellas, jazz up your boring walls with this classy and rustic styled wall-hanging frame décor from scrap wood pallets! Surely, this ingeniously stunning décor is an eye-candy for you and your visitors.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• miter saw
• hammer
• nails
• measuring tape
• sand paper
• contact paper
• wood glue
• pre-wood-conditioner
• stain
• craft paint (Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic paint)
• paint (darker shade)
How to do it:
1. Wipe the wood pallets with clean cloth to remove dirt and dust.
2. To make the pallet frame, with your miter saw, cut the pallet strips to your desired size of the frame décor. (This one has 2 @ 26” and 2 @ 32”).

3. Attach the edges of the frame using the wood glue and link them together with nails.
4. Cut 22 pallet strips leaving an inch of allowance for both sides. (This has 22 cut strips at 28”.)
5. Nail down he strips on the sides of the frame. Use a coin or any material that you find convenient in guiding you to achieve equal spaces.

6. After nailing the 22 pallet strips, smear the façade with pre-wood conditioner.
7. Moving forward, stain it with dark shade paint for a more rustic aura. Then let it dry overnight.
8. In a contact paper, cut out your chosen texts for the décor.
9. Transfer the contact paper to the pallet art and press it down to stick it well.
10. Using the Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic tint, paint the letters evenly. And then, remove the contact paper carefully to reveal the stencil’s appearance.

11. One the paint dries up, smoothen the edges of the wood slats before hanging the frame on you wall.

See that? It may look complicated but it is certainly easy to do! Just be careful in using the tools though to avoid injuries.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelf is one of the ingenious ways of utilizing your old ladder and wood planks. Aside from its easy and creative, it offers a lot of storage spaces for small stuff like vases, books, and picture frames.

Tools and Materials:
• old double-sided ladder
• wood planks
• mitter saw
• wood glue
• screw
• power drill
• measuring steel tape
• paint
• sand paper
How to do it:
1. Take the dust off on your ladder and wood planks.
2. Measure the planks basing on the ladder’s width, so it will fit on each step.
3. Cut the measured planks.
4. Place the planks on each steps of the ladder.
5. Measure each length of the planks from top to bottom. The shelf should be triangular in front view.
6. After measuring the length of the planks, cut them and smoothen the edges with the use of sand paper.
7. Attach the planks to the steps of the ladder using wood glue.
8. Affix the planks on the steps by using screws and power drill.
9. You may paint the ladder shelf or you can leave it as is.

There you go! You can then use the shelf for organizing your stuff! The good thing about this shelf is the less demand in space and the bottom where it is situated can be easily cleaned.

Wood Planter Box

If you’re a fan of indoor gardens, then this rustic wood planter box fits you well! Buying planter boxes and pots can be costly, especially when you have lots of seedlings in hand. So instead of buying one from commercial stores, you can actually make one from the old forgotten wood planks in your storage space.

Tools and Materials:
• old wood planks
• power drill
• miter saw
• L-brackets
• Screws
• Hammer
How to do it:
1. Cut three equally measured pieces of you wood planks for the sides and base of the planter.
2. Make another cut for the two ends of the planter. Make sure that both will fit.
3. With your drill, screw in the L brackets on the edges of the planter box.

And it’s done! You can add the soil and any plants on the wood planter box. If you want the planter box on the inside of your house, you can smear some paint or varnish mixture on it.

Rustic Rope Frame

The rustic rope frame is one of great and inexpensive ways to personalize your interior decors. It is very easy to do, in fact you can do this with your kids—for sure they’ll love to make one.

Tools and Materials:
• inexpensive frame or old frame with wide border
• jute rope
• glue sticks
• glue gun
How to do it:
1. Using your hot glue, start attaching the jute rope on the inside corner of the frame.
2. Put the rope along the melted glue and press it down and allow it to dry for a moment.
3. Repeat the entire process in a spiral direction until all sides of the frame border are wrapped with ropes.

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

If you have a rustic themed house, then these mason jar wall lanterns suits perfectly for it. It doesn’t just beautify your interior but also it gives a romantic touch to the surroundings.

Tools and Materials:
• 5 1/2″ x 16″ wood planks
• 4″ plant hanger hooks
• two mason jars
• awl or nail punch tool
• dark walnut wood stain
• candles
• small stones
• heavy duty twine
• smalltooth steel hangers
How to do it:
For the wood planks:
1. Create a “beat up” effect on your wood planks. Or if you have an old rustic-look wood plank, leave it as it is.
2. Coat the wood with Dark Walnut stain and let it dry overnight.
3. Put the hooks and then install the BACK sawtooth hanger hardware first to your desired measurement on the planks.
4. Afterwards, mount the hooks to the front of the planks.
For the lantern:
1. Make two opposing holes on the top of your mason jars.
2. Cut enough twine to make a double layer of it into each hole and tie it twice tightly on the bottom of the Mason jar cover. The length of the twine varies on the size of the plank and the jars.
3. Fill the Mason jars with the stones and bury the candles on top of the rock bed.
4. Using a nail, hang each plank on the wall and then hang the decorated Mason jars.

Your mason jar wall lanterns is ready for everyone to see! However, please keep in mind that if you’re planning to light up the candles, use metallic wires for hanging.

Driftwood Mirror

In a bedroom, shower room or even in the living area, one thing that will always catch a person’s attention is the mirror. However, isn’t it dreary to look at yourself in a plain mirror every single day?I bet, it is.

Why don’t you revamp you mirror with some rustic material? A driftwood perhaps. Definitely, you’re every day trip in the front of the mirror will not be the same as it was before. Trust me, good mirrors can improve your looks too!

Tools and Materials:
• driftwood
• clean mirror
• 2” painters tape
• glue sticks
• glue gun
• measuring tool
How to do it:
1. With you measuring tool, measure a distance of 4 inches from the edge of mirror’s frame, going inwards. Mark the measured distances.
2. Tape the measured gaps using the 2” painters adhesive tape.
3. Fill the 4 inches distance with driftwood and glue gun. Until all edges are filled with it.

It’s amazing to know that you can actually create a very stunning mirror out of scraps in a very short period of time. Perhaps, you can try it too!

There you go folks! I am truly hoping that these Do-It-Yourself exquisite rustic decors will inspire you of making one. Always remember that when you’re planning of jazzing up your home interiors,before hitting the nearest shop mart, learn to explore and inspect you surroundings first and maybe, you will able to find any fine materials that you can actually utilize and transform into something new. By doing such, you are not just saving, you are also recycling!

10 Instagram-Worthy Floor Tile Designs

Instagram has a huge collection of stylish and trendy photos. Snaps taken from travels, restaurants and other places are shared on this popular social media platform. Even your OOTD or “Outfit of the Day” can be posted here.

In my case, I love taking pictures of my shoes. As much as possible, my travel photos must have at least one shot of my footwear. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Why? The floor is either dirty or tacky. In some instances, you just can’t see the beauty of shoes when stepping on the wrong floor. That’s why when I came across these photos of beautiful tile floor designs, I’m surely amazed. They would look perfect on Instagram!

Modern Blue & White

This design looks so immaculate. Geometric floral patterns can give the floor a modern elegant look. Of course, let’s not forget the right shade of blue used. Darker shades of blue are cool and relaxing to look at. In the picture below, the design matches perfectly with the homey interior of the house.

Porcelanosa Antique Silver

Sometimes, I love taking photos of unique bathroom floors in some hotels during travels. But, that happens rarely. Most hotels just use the traditional white bathroom floor tiles. With this silver detailed floor design, I would surely take a snap immediately. The floor tiles look so intricate and classy. This is a luxurious addition to a room’s interior.

English Oak Parquet

I can’t help but include this interesting oak parquet. I always loved wood tiles because they give an antique effect. Wooden floors make pictures look vintage and nostalgic. Just look at how intricate the pattern is. The parquet has different colors and directions of wood grain. It has a smart design, worthy of many Instagram photos.

Small Octagon and Square Pattern

This all-white geometrically patterned floor tiles would look perfect with my brightly-colored shoes. The design is eye-catching and sophisticated.

Starry Night

This one is probably my most favorite. It looks trendy and youthful. It is the perfect background for sneakers. The design may be simple, but that’s the beauty of it.

Regram @lilfoxx #ihavethisthingwithfloors

A photo posted by I Have This Thing With Floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors) on

Geometric Optical Illusion

You might get hypnotized by this design. Like the previous octagon and square pattern, this geometric floor tiles are also sophisticated to look at. The best part? The floor looks 3-D, as if cubes are coming out. I’m sure my Instagram followers would like this floor together with my shoes.

Concrete Inlaid with Brass

This is my runner-up for the Starry Night floor tiles. This design would make any flooring luxurious. Brass resembles gold when put together with concrete. How amazing is that? I would love to have these floor tiles in my own home.

Elegant Floral

Looking back on the first design, this elegant floral one resembles the modern blue and white because of the theme. This one, though, is much intricate and has softer shapes. It also gives a feminine touch to the interior. That’s the beauty of floral patterns.


The most creative design from my list is definitely this one. Notice how the colors resemble flames. Tiny tiles formed into flames and arches? Now, that’s what I call creativity and hard work. Definitely a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

75001 – Rue Saint-Honoré Looking back at some of my first images that I took in Paris, I wish I could re-shoot certain floors in better light or with different shoes. This one was on top of my list. Unfortunately the restaurant where I shot this floor closed and the new "modern" restaurant decided to put a wooden parquet floor over this one ( i hope they put it on top of it and not destroy the beautiful old mosaic floor). So my quest for more of this super cool palm shaped mosaics in different colors continues. Have a nice sunday afternoon! #parisianfloors#ihavethisthingwithfloors#ihavethisthingwithtiles#fromwhereistand#selfeet#paris#floor#tiles#mosaic#carrelage#carreauxdeciment#pattern#design#architecture#interiordesign#shoes#espadrilles

A photo posted by Parisian floors (@parisianfloors) on

Teal Hexagons with Starburst Pattern

Lastly, we have another geometric design. The floor looks so creative and sharp. It is an eye candy and conversation starter. It can make your Instagram snaps even more fun.

Another awesome floor from @colemoser in #dsfloors

A photo posted by Grace Bonney (@designsponge) on

Final Thoughts

We must never underestimate the power of flooring. It can elevate the whole look of any room – even our Instagram photos. So, don’t just take pictures of yourself, food and landscapes. Look down and you might see art underneath your feet.

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas That Will Surely Melt Your Heart

Tired of giving roses and chocolates during Valentine’s Day yet you still need to give something to your loved one? Are you willing to break a sweat and spend a little bit of your time to make something unique to serve as your gift for Valentines? If your answer to both questions are yes, then this post is definitely made for you.

Valentine’s Day is about making your intimate partner, your family, or your closest friends happy and be reminded that they are loved. Usually, roses and chocolates are enough to convey the message, especially for couples but this form of gifts became the norms, quite expensive and the expected during this day. If you’re the type of person who wants to give these same romantic gifts, you’ll probably end up competing with a thousand of others just like you who just wants to get by and comply with the event. Do not get me wrong, there is no wrong in surprising your loved ones with gorgeous bouquet flowers and mouthwatering chocolates during Valentines since it still spells thoughtfulness and being sweet. However, would it be nice that for once, you try to do something extraordinary and unique, and exert extra effort in coming up with a new kind of surprise?

What we offer today are simple to intricate hand-made crafts that are perfect alternative gifts you can give for your other half, kids, relatives and friends this coming Valentine’s Day. Aside from it is not edible and won’t wilt through time, these Valentine’s Day crafts will be a memorable gift that will stay with your loved one for as long as they keep it safe. What you need in order to create one are just simple materials which are readily available at your local supply stores or maybe materials that you can find in your home and surroundings. For these kind of crafts, materials can be found anywhere! Believe me, the sky is the limit! Making these crafts will be worth your precious time and effort because there is a 100% chance that your loved ones will definitely love, appreciate and cherish it.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Take a break from the usual soaps and body cleansing products this Valentine’s Day! Spend some relaxing and romantic bath experience with these heart-shaped bath bombs. It’s perfect for intimate couples out there.

Needed Supplies:
• ½ cup citric acid
• ½ tablespoon jojoba oil
• 10 drops of love potion essential oil
• 1 cup baking soda
• ¼ cup fine epsom salt
• 1-2 drops of red food coloring
• mesh strainer
• witch hazel
• silicone heart mold
• spray bottle
• a pair of gloves
1. In a large bowl, place the strainer and pour the baking soda, citric acid and Epsom salt. Sift thoroughly to eliminate lumps.
2. Blend well the baking soda, Epsom salt and citric acid in a food processor or blender.
3. Slowly put in the jojoba oil and pour in the love potion essential oil along with the food coloring.
4. With the plastic gloves on, combine the oils and food coloring through the dry mixture until it is well blended and pink.
5. Gradually add witch hazel, one spritz at a time until the bath bomb mixture sticks collectively when clutched. About 8 to 10 spritzes of witch hazel to achieve the precise consistency.
6. Place firmly the slightly the clammy mixture into the heart shape molds. The mixture can make at least 5 heart-shaped bath bombs.
7. Let it dry overnight. Then take out the bath bombs from the molds. Make sure that the bath bombs are already very hard before removing them.
8. Wrap the finish product tightly in plastic and store in a cool and dry place.

And there you go! A homemade bath bombs that you can consume, sell or give to your loved ones!

Heart Thumbprint Platter

This Heart Thumbprint Platter is great for every family out there. This is also a heartwarming project wherein you can have a priceless remembrance of the fingerprints of your children when they are still young. Not only that this memorabilia is flexible enough that you can do this any plate shapes, it can also be created on any material available.

Needed Supplies:
• white platter
• glass paint (any color)
• sharpie
• wax paper or foil
• damp paper towels (for wiping the paint out of the platter if you mess up)
1. Divide the spaces of the platter equally. Depending on how big your family is.
2. Pour a small amount of paint on a wax paper or foil, gently dip your child’s finger in the paint (yours and your partner too!), then make two heart shape prints on the platter.
3. Using the Sharpie, write the names, date or anything you want to write. The sky is the limit!
4. Make sure to follow the curing directions of the paint to know the appropriate method of drying it up.

See that? It’s very easy! You can make use of the Heart Thumbprint Platter as a decoration or a gift!

Heart Windchimes

Bring some love on your porch by hanging this adorable heart windchimes! The heart windchimes project is perfect for Mom and daughter tandem! It’s very easy to make and it won’t cost you much.

Needed Supplies:
• red and transparent plastic beads
• heart shaped silicone pan
• ribbon or string
• glue gun
• scissors
• stick
For the hearts:
1. Begin by filling your pan with the plastic beads – all red, all transparent and mixed.
2. Place the pan in the oven until let the beads melt.
3. Once melted, remove the pan from the oven. And let it cool completely.
4. When cooled, pop them out of the pan.
For the chimes:
1. Attach the melted hearts on the ribbon or string using your glue gun.
2. Wrap the ribbons tips around the stick and fasten them with glue.
3. Tie a string on each ends of the stick.

Heart-Handled Tea Bags

These heart-handled tea bags will never fail to stun you with its creative and charming looks! It’s a perfect gift for your tea-lover friends.

Needed Supplies:
• coffee filters
• loose tea leaves
• spices
• scissors
• sewing machine
• stapler
• embroidery thread
• paper for tags
1. Make two rectangles using coffee filters.
2. Stitch the rectangles together on three sides, leaving the top part open.
3. Fill the stitched teabags with 1 to 2 teaspoons of loose tea leaves. You can add ½ teaspoon of spices.
4. After filling the bags, stitch the top to close.
5. Fold down top corners, and put the embroidery thread under the flap.
6. Fold the tip of the bag down and use your stapler to close it completely.
7. Make some heart-shapes paper tags and connect them on the ends of the teabags’ embroidery threads.

Yasss! It’s very simple to craft!

Valentine’s Day Heart Coasters


These heart coasters are perfect not only as Valentine’s Day presents but also as wedding favors! It’s cheap yet admirable and very romantic.

Needed Supplies:
• wood log
• heart stencil
• miter saw
• polyurethane clear gloss
• two colors of paint
• paintbrush
• sand paper
1. Carefully slash the logs into 2-inch slices using your miter saw.
2. Smoothen each coaster using the sand paper.
3. Apply one layer of polyurethane clear gloss. Let it dry completely.
4. Place the stencil heart at the center of the coaster and paint. Let the paint dry.
5. Then, write you and your partner’s initials.

It’s incredible to know that you can actually make a classy rustic memorabilia from old wood logs!

Adorable Marbled Heart Crayons

Do you know that you can absolutely utilize your kids’ broken crayons and transform them into something useful and artsy? These marbled heart crayons are perfect for your kids and his friends to create multihued artworks on Valentine’s Day! In fact, they can help you in making these adorable vibrant hearts!

Needed Supplies:
• broken crayon pieces
• silicone heart mold pan
• foil-lined cookie sheet
1. Preheat oven to 250°F.
2. Fill the silicone heart mold pan with broken crayon pieces.
3. Place the pan on the oven, on top of the foil-lined cookie sheet and let the crayons melt for 10-20 minutes.
4. Once melted, remove the pan from the oven and let it cool completely.
5. Afterwards, pop the newly made crayons out of the molds.

And tadaaaa! You can give them to your kids right away and for sure they’ll be pretty excited on using them!

Heart-Twined Mason Jars

These heart and doilies decorated mason jars are perfect for spicing up your kitchen look! You can use them as containers or simply just decorations.

Needed Supplies:
• clean mason jars
• red felt paper
• scissors
• string
• doilies
1. Make some heart cut outs from the red felt paper. Sizes of hearts vary from the center size of your doilies.
2. Place the hearts on center of the doilies.
3. Grab some string and wrap the doilies with the hearts on the mason jars.

You can actually make these lovely mason decorated jars in just a few minutes!

Valentine’s Day Polish Chandelier

Bring a little love in your interior this Heart’s Day by having this artistic Valentine’s Day polish chandelier! This ingenious handmade craft is very creative and definitely an eye candy to everyone. This project however requires a little bit of your time so if you really want your Valentine’s Day to be special and unique, then jump into this venture right away.

Needed Supplies:
• pink and red scrapbook papers
• pink and white baker’s twine
• pink and red paper straws
• red striped straws
• pink striped straws
• pink polka dot stripes
• twine
• thin bamboo skewer
• white thread
• needle
• 18″ wreath
• ice blue and turquoise yarn
• heart punch
• hold punch
• scissors
• glue gun
• tape
For the top part of the chandelier:

1. In the wreath material, twine a 4′ yarn throughout each hole and tie firmly.
2. Divide the straws into 3″ parts. About 16 pieces per strand and 8 strands for a total of 128.
3. Using your heart punch cut the equal quantity of hearts.
4. Make a hole in the center of each hearts using your hole punch.
5. Run each yarn with alternating straws and a heart cut out in between, all the way up.
6. Repeat process on every string of the yarn.
7. Knot all the finished strings collectively at the tip and then shape a loop.
For the 3D hearts:

1. Produce more hearts using the heart punch.
2. Using your scissors, cut about 1/2″ down from the top of the center of the yarn.
3. With another heart, cut the bottom center 1/2″ up.
4. Afterwards, position the hearts together in a perpendicular manner.
5. After making 8 3D hearts, hang them from the wreath material.
For the yarn wrapping around the wreath:
1. Wrap the ice blue yarn 5 times around the wreath. Make sure to tie it first to one of the holes.
2. Make a tassel at each hole. After making the tassel, hang it with a yarn.
3. Lock the tassel with the turquoise yarn.
For the dangle straw wags placed in the bottom:
1. Create two groupings for the striped straws. Cut 4 different sizes for each groups. So there will be 4 red striped groupings and 4 pink striped groupings.
8 at 1″ for size XS
14 at 1.5″ for size S
14 at 2″ for size M
7 at 2.5″ for size L
2. There will be a certain sequence within 1 grouping of the dangle straws. Layout 7 of the subsequent sequence: XS S M L M S.
3. Make sure to end your last sequence with a size XS.
4. Do the same process for the two striped groupings mentioned earlier.
5. Thread your needle and double knot the end of the threads.
6. Start threading the top of the straws with the first grouping. Thread the 7 sequences, from XS to XS. Double knot when done.
7. Tie the end of the grouping to one of the tassels, and then cut the excess thread. Alternate the two groupings.
For the basketball straw hoop:

1. Cut about 16 pieces of twine with a length of 30”.
2. Knot the two pieces of twine in the meeting point of the tassels.
3. Using a bamboo skewer, thread a straw on every portions of twine, all the way to the top.
4. Make a cross straw design by taking one of the straws, then skipping the next straw and picking up the following straw.
5. Cut the 8 straws in half to produce 16 parts.
6. Attach a pink pom pom to the front and rear on the tip of every other.

10 Feel-Good Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a special celebration that people either fall in love even more or ponder about being single. No matter what you’re going through on February 14, we all deserve to feel good. Put some color during your V-Day with this happy playlist of love songs!

“Love on Top” (Beyoncé)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “You’re the one I love/You’re the one I need/You’re the only one I see/Come on baby, it’s you.”

Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” has a jazzy beat, perfect in spreading good vibes. If your body pops and sways with the beat, then that’s normal. With this song in the background, dancing with the one you love seems like the most natural thing in world. The lyrics are also easy to remember. Just imagine you and your partner singing and dancing to this song. That would be one memorable Valentine’s Day moment.

“Kiss Me” (Sixpence None The Richer)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Oh, kiss me/Beneath the milky twilight/Lead me/Out on the moonlit floor.”

Feel young again with this smash hit from Sixpence None The Richer. “Kiss Me” is the epitome of young love. With this song, you won’t feel any inhibitions in your love life. You can’t resist reminiscing your first times with the person you love. I’m sure you won’t feel any blues with this song.

“How Deep Is Your Love” (Bee Gees)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Cause we’re living in a world of fools/Breaking us down/When they all should let us be/We belong to you and me.”

The iconic group Bee Gees has so many chart-topping songs, including this feel-good hit “How Deep Is Your Love.” This love song is perfect for lovers who are trying to be optimistic during tough times. Aside from the poetic lyrics, this song has a very easy, relaxing sound. Listening to this is like taking a walk with your special someone down a quiet, colorful city. The sweet harmony of Bee Gees just makes you want to lie down on a grass and savor the moment.

“Best of My Love” (The Emotions)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “My life has a better meaning/Love has kissed me in a beautiful way.”

The Emotions’ hit “Best of My Love” has a sassy, upbeat music. The powerful harmonies make you want to sing along. It can be the perfect background music while you’re dancing across the room because of too much joy. The lyrics add to the song’s feel-good quality. The song just simply talks about a couple who doesn’t care if the whole world sees how they show their affection with each other. Their relationship just makes them ecstatic.

“I Just Called to Say I Love You” (Stevie Wonder)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I just called to say how much I care/I just called to say I love you/And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to be lonely this Valentine’s Day. Good thing Stevie Wonder’s classic hit “I Just Called to Say I Love You” has a relaxing, optimistic vibe. The title speaks for itself. Sometimes, you just need to let someone know how much you love them. Distance can mean no physical contact and gifts. But, one call can mean so much.

“My Girl” (The Temptations)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me/I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.”

The Temptations’ classic song “My Girl” conveys pure devotion of a man. Men in relationships would fall in love with their women even more. Ladies, on the other hand, would even feel more loved with song. Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to keep romantic relationships alive. With this song, that becomes easier.

“Cherish” (Madonna)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Cherish the thought of always having you here by my side/Cherish the joy/You keep bringing it into my life.”

Madonna may be rowdy in most of her songs. But, her song “Cherish” has an upbeat melody and innocent lyrics. Unconditional love is so special. That’s what the song is trying to convey. You should not expect something in return when you truly love somebody. It is always the thought that counts.

“They Long to Be (Close to You)” (The Carpenters)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Why do birds suddenly appear/Every time you are near?/Just like me/They long to be/Close to you.”

Everything about this song is so pure. Coupled with Karen Carpenter’s smooth and lovely voice, “Close to You” makes you believe in true love. The lyrics are so poetic, perfectly capturing how you feel when you’re falling in love with somebody.

“I Love You Always Forever” (Donna Lewis)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I love you always forever/Near and far, closer together/Everywhere I will be with you/Everything I will do for you.”

There’s just something about a sweet voice like what Donna Lewis has. Lewis sang “I Love You Always Forever” so sweetly that you can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with your significant other. Her song simply refers to a love that can stand the test of time and distance.

“Lovin’ You” (Minnie Riperton)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “No one else can make me feel/The colors that you bring/Stay with me while we grow old/And we will live each day in springtime.”

Like Donna Lewis, Minnie Riperton has that sweet and memorable voice. “Lovin’ You” belongs to the most iconic love songs of the century. It is always used in movies and sitcoms to depict a cliché love story. I mean, who doesn’t feel good with this song? With the birds chirping in the background, Riperton’s classic is a go-to Valentine’s Day song.

Final Thoughts

When you feel good just by listening to a song, I think it has something to do with how upbeat the melody is and how relatable the lyrics are. Feel-good songs will never let you think about bad thoughts. Trigger happy memories by making a playlist out of these songs I suggested. Trust me, you will stay happy and in love with this playlist. Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY: Eye-Candy Decors Using Mason Jars And Wine Bottles

There’s no other place in the world where you can be most comfortable than your own home. Our homes are both our shelter and refuge, not only they protect us from the harms of the “outside world”, they also create the ultimate feeling of relaxation and comfort. However sometimes, especially when you are living on a same house for quite some time already, two things may happen which degrade this “best feeling”  and these are the loss of interest due to absence of new stuff and the build-up of clutters and the unnecessary. These things usually happen when the members of the household tend to neglect the need to improve their home because they are afraid to disrupt the things they are used to be doing or seeing.

Now, once the drive to improve and re-decorate the home sparks among the family members, everyone should seize the moment and go all-in. Redecoration and renovation can be done easily by hiring professionals or contractors and but new stuff from the hardware stores however this move will definitely demand a large funding. Luckily, there is another option that not only promises less spending, it can also address the two problems mentioned above all at the same time while engaging the family members in a worthwhile project.

What I’m talking about here is the concept of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement projects by recycling collected empty bottles.

Nook’s Wine Bottle Pendant Lights


New kitchen lighting fixture can be quite expensive however, you can get rid of the old boring look of your kitchen nook by adding crafted wine bottles to your pendant lights’ design. If you’re a wine enthusiast, this DIY kitchen décor is perfect for you. You’re not just recycling used bottles and helping save mother Earth, but you’re also spicing up your kitchen nook’s appearance. This project is actually very easy to make if you only have an excellent bottle cutter.


  • emptied and clean wine bottles (extra-large is perfect)
  • sandpaper
  • 12 foot lamp cord with plug
  • 16 gauge galvanized wire
  • 25-40 watt bulbs
  • phenolic socket single-leg hickey and screw terminals


  • bottle cutter
  • wire strippers
  • wire cutters
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • gloves
  • safety glasses

How to do it:

  • Cut the clean wine bottles with your desired opening spot using a bottle cutter. Make sure that you’re wearing gloves and safety glasses before doing so.

  • Every bottle cutter set has a tapper. Place the tapper inside the bottle and tap the bottle gently.

  • After tapping the cut bottle, place it in the sink and run cold water over the mark. Right after doing so, let the hot water run underneath the cut mark. Then do run both water temperatures in an alternate way. Following that, the bottle’s bottom will split off.

  • Smooth the cut using the fine-grit sandpaper.

  • Place the tip of the cord set throughout the bottle, also through the hoop in the socket. Always make sure that the load of the fixture is not on the electrical connection, you can do that by tying a knot in the cord.
  • Put the cord’s metal tip beneath the screws on the socket. Tighten down.
  • Set the bulb in the socket and test if it’s working.

  • Create a loop of dark wire into the bottle to create a decorative touch.

…and tadah! You have your very own DIY pendant lights!

Wine Bottles’ Bookshelf

For bookworms out there, is there enough space in your bookshelf for your beloved books? Does your books cause clutters in your house? Do you think buying a new shelf can cause a fortune? Worry no more! You can make use of you empty wine bottle and a few planks of wood to build an easy and attention-grabbing bookshelf!


  • 20 empty and clean wine bottles (or any quantity will do, it will depend on your desired height for the shelf)
  • 6 wood planks
  • couple of turn buckle
  • couple of eyebolt
  • couple of s-hook

How to do it:

  • Attach the self-drilling eyebolt on each end of the wood planks. Eyebolts for a single plank should be parallel to the ones placed in another plank. Connections should be tight and sturdy.
  • The distance of every plank is determined by the height of the wine bottles. For every layer, place 4 wine bottles — 2 for each ends.

  • Connect the bottom tip of the turn buckle to the bottom plank’s eyebolt, and then join the upper tip of the turn buckle to the s-hook. After doing so, connect the s-hook on the eyebolt on the top plank.

There you go! Basically, you just have to repeat the process for each layer until you reach your desired height. Nevertheless, don’t make this shelf too high. Let’s be safe than sorry.

Hanging Rustic Wall Vases

Spice up your wall with this economical rustic wall vase set. This hand crafted vase is perfect for minimalistic people. It consumes a little space in your wall and the rustic touch of this décor is more than enough to catch everyone’s attention.


  • emptied and clean wine bottles
  • drill
  • 1 inch bell hanger kit (copper)
  • scrap wood
  • picture hanging hardware
  • screwdriver

How to do it:


  • Divide the scrap wood (painted or not) into equal spaces and mark the spot where you want your bottles to be place.
  • Drill a hole on the marked spots of the wood. The holes must be smaller in diameter than that of the screw.

  • Connect the bell hanger through the holes using screws and screwdriver.

  • On each side of the scrap wood, fasten a loop for hanging.

  • Attach the scrap wood on the wall. After doing so, place the empty bottles on the bell hanger and tighten them.

Voila! And just like that folks, you have your stunning rustic themed wall vase décor!

Mason Jar Mini Planter

Do you know that mason jar is an ideal windowsill planter? The lid of the mason jar will help hold the soil’s moisture, keeping the plant from dehydration. This kind of project is perfect in bringing life in to your kitchen windows!


  • clean mason jar
  • soil
  • seedling

How to do it:

  • Place an enough amount soil in the mason.
  • Plant the herb or any seedling that you desire.

And that’s it! A very easy and less time consuming DIY project to make!

Mason Liquid Soap Dispenser

Tired of the look of your dull liquid soap dispenser? You don’t have to be anxious anymore, you can actually make a dispenser out of a used mason jar! You can actually find this stuff in some of the local house décor stores however, making one would only take you less than an hour and won’t cost you as much. It’s neat and classy!


  • mason jar
  • pump
  • adhesive

How to do it:

  • Drill a hole in the mason jar’s cover.
  • Insert the pump in the hole.
  • Add adhesive to hold the pump in place.

Colors And Destinations

Do you know that a particular hue can strongly influence us on how we remember places we had been to or even just saw in an ad? Going to new places is always a satisfaction for travel enthusiasts and exploring unfamiliar cities is like feeding their hunger and lust for new adventures. For them, this thrilling getaway really is a banquet for the eyes especially when the chosen locations are packed with colors!

I, myself, also love colors! Who doesn’t anyways? In fact, whether you like it or not, everything can be associated with colors – our moods, taste, perception, likes, and the list can go on.

Take for example the times when we want to take a break after a tiring five days of work, we usually want to go to a place to appease us, a place where we can relax and feel calm. With that notion, we almost all the time think of the beach and unconsciously tend to imagine the pristine blue-soaked scenery. See that? After the setting and its colors are distinguished, the brain then evaluates what it sees on an objective and subjective basis.

In the world of architecture and design; color is more than just ornamentation. Color speaks for the building itself. It gives character and distinctiveness. Color has its way of influencing our emotions and state of mind. It is vital to know that colors in our surrounding are playing a huge fraction of our mental and emotional awareness.

For backpackers out there, here are the ten color-splashed places that might stir your emotions!

1. Burano Island, Italy

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, located near Torcello at the northern end of the tarn. It is situated 4 miles away from Venice – a 40-minute trip by Venetian motorboats or widely known as the Vaporetti.

The island is renowned for its meticulous lace work and vibrantly painted dwellings that serve as multi-hued margins of the canals. A primordial stories tells that fishermen highlighted their houses to make them more visible from the sea when they were far away for fishing.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre also means Five Lands – Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. It is a rocky portion of the coast on the Italian Riviera.

For centuries now, inhabitants have cautiously built patios on the rough and steep setting right up to the cliffs which offers the breathtaking view of the sea.

Cinque Terre presents romantic coastal scenery for tourists. The pastel-hued perfection of the houses gives a soothing feeling for every wandered guest. When viewed from afar, the rainbow-colored house terraces of the five lands and the majestic view of the water appears to be spectacular, definitely a sight that money can’t buy!

3. Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town

Muizenberg is a beach-side village of Cape Town in South Africa. It is locally known as the birthplace of surfing in the country. However, Muizenberg Beach is widely recognized not only for its gigantic waves but also for their brightly painted shacks.

If you’re up to some stimulating vacay, there’s nothing more exciting than spending time on the beach with a remarkable view, right? The intensely tinted Victorian huts will absolutely give you a retro kind of vibe that you will actually dig in.

4. Tulip Fields of Holland

A bouquet of gorgeous flowers along with luscious chocolates is an every guy’s way of capturing every woman’s attention. But hey, a field filled of lovely tulips? Now that’s another different story to tell!

This beautiful and definitely vast tulip plantation can be found in Noordoostpolder, situated in the province of Flevoland. A 79-acre of tantalizing scenery, clad in purple, pink, orange, red and yellow blooms that will certainly melt your heart!

5. Namaqualand, Namibia

Another must-see floral scenery that the world offers is the wildflower fields of Namaqualand, Namibia—a landscape carpeted by colorful daises and hundreds of wildflowers! Can you imagine the romantic aroma of the field? It is definitely a heaven’s treat!

6. Agueda, Portugal

The Floating Umbrella Festival of the Canopy Street in Agueda, Portugal is an ingenious way of using colorful umbrellas as a landmark design. This colorful canopy over the scorching hot streets of Agueda will not only keep you in shade but will also undoubtedly inspire you to discover the creativity in yourself, to always think outside the box.

7. Sighisoara, Romania

Located in the historic region of Transylvania, the Sighisoara, Romania’s vibrant colored town is an enthralling combination of Saxon architecture and medieval tradition. The design also showcases interesting Gothic details.

Sighisoara is actually included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and considered as an excellent example of a diminutive and equipped medieval civic structure which played significant roles on the borders of Central Europe.

What set Sighisoara apart from other colorful towns are the differences in their architectural designs. Each house has a personal distinct character – arched foyers, Baroque inspired facades and classic window styles to name a few.

8. Costa Nova, Portugal

Have you ever heard of the candy-striped wooden houses? Have you seen the Haystacks in Costa Nova, Portugal? If both answers are no, then you are in for a treat on this next feature. These houses are so amazing that strolling along these adorable abodes will make you feel like you’re in a movie set of some vintage films!

These houses are originally called as Palheiros. At first, they were constructed to avert buildup of sand from the nearby dunes. As time went by, they became shelters for fishermen. Inhabitants started painting the houses with bright stripes as they are replicas of the polychrome moliceiros.

Isn’t it interesting? Be sure to prepare your cameras if you’re planning to visit this awesome place!

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Beyond the hustle and bustle of city life, you’ll find these bright painted houses in Bo-Kaap formerly known as the Malay quarter in Cape Town, South Africa. The neighborhood presents a scenario of continuing historic and cultural substance.

10. Girona Riverfront, Spain

Aside from the famous neighboring town of Barcelona, Girona is one of the must-see cities in Spain. The most striking feature of this place is the emphasis, dominance, and the love for colors. Through the charming color palette of yellows, oranges and pinks – they really bring the streets and alleyways to life!

Floral Wall Painting Inspiration: The Little Polish Village of Zalipie

Design your house as if it came straight out of a fairy tale! Decorating your home with actual flowers or floral home accessories is fine enough. But, painting your walls full of colorful flowers can take it to a whole new level. Just take a look at this dreamy village of Zalipie, Poland. You might find some wall painting inspirations here.

Why So Many Flowers?

The beauty of Zalipie blossoms thanks to an old tradition. During the 19th century, the village’s custom was painting the interior and exterior walls of the house with bright colors. Why? Smoke from the chimneys left dirt all over the walls. But, the female villagers wanted pretty houses. So, they concealed the darkened walls with bright geometric shapes using lime, soot, clay, adhesives such as egg whites, and brushes made of horse hair or leather. Over time, the spots were formed into flowers. As years went by, the simple flowers turned into detailed wall garlands and bouquets, complete with healthy-looking leaves. The wall paintings are visible up to this day.

Recreate Your Own Zalipie House

Painting decorations on the exterior walls of your house is a brave move. You have to be skilled in drawing details and applying the right colors. After all, passersby would definitely have something to say. However, you can start small with specific rooms or areas inside the house.

Meticulous Planning

We want to avoid regrets after painting a wall. It would be a waste of time, effort and money. That’s why we have to plan even the smallest details.

  • Architectural Factors: Decide whether or not to include the windows, doors, electrical outlets, light fixtures and other immovable objects near or attached to the wall. Decorating doors can actually be a fun activity. If not, put tape on these areas to ensure that paint won’t smear on them.
  • Colors: Make sure that the colors would look perfect in the overall design. Don’t let some colors overpower the whole decoration. If you’re going for a bright red flower, choose other bright colors as well.
  • Design: Decide which flower shapes you’re going to use. You can search for stencils to follow as guides. Flowers of different shapes are going to look great together. You can also draw the design’s layout on a paper first to avoid mistakes.


Prepare Carefully

Now, keep these in mind before you start painting:

  • Materials: The essential tools in painting your wall are stencil (if necessary), brush, spray adhesive, paper towel, latex interior or craft paint, and cloth or cardboard for floor protection.
  • Clean Wall: For a wall that’s covered in scrapes and bumps, you can use a magic eraser. Just scrub lightly to avoid destroying the paintwork. If your wall is not that dirty, just wipe it first with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Practice: You need to practice first on a cardboard. This is useful in choosing the colors and design.


Using Stencils

If you opt for stencils, you need something to attach them to the wall. Spray adhesives are more preferable than painter’s tape because they make lines much smoother. These are perfect for detailing. Quick tip: Wait for the adhesive to dry at least 3 minutes on the stencil before attachment. This enables you to attach and remove the stencil many times before another spray.


The Moment We’re Waiting for – Painting!

To avoid paint seeping through the stencils or going out of the outline, make sure that only a little paint is absorbed by your brush. Paper towels are useful in absorbing excess paint. Just brush on a paper towel first before finally applying paint on the wall.

Another effective way is to paint the flowers first before the leaves. The leaves don’t have to follow a layout. After painting the flowers, you can just paint the leaves between spaces and around the petals. If you want a definite layout for the leaves, use stencils.

Final Touches

Messy outlines are no big deal. You can clean them up with a damp Q-tip or wet wipe while the paintwork is still fresh. If the paint is already dry, draw a smoother outline over the existing work with a thin brush.


Floral decorations are so pretty that they make you feel relaxed. They make your place more homey and welcoming. Don’t hesitate to put some flower power into your home like what the creative villagers of Zalipie did.