5 Fun and Sweet Tips to Jazz Up Your Busy Marriage

Society has changed a lot ever since people started living in communities and building cities. Unlike the world before wherein the women were more like home buddies and were only expected to take do household chores and take care of the kids, nowadays, both sexes compete in the same rat race.

Successful couples at these times do not always equate to happy ones. In fact, most of the well-earned couples that I know rarely get to spend quality moment with their spouses because both of their careers compete with their own personal times. Though money is coming in steadily, securing the future of the family, intimacy and romance are the ones that are slowly lost. This is not a good sign at all.

Showing love and affection is very essential to couples. Constant reminding of each other of why they chose each other in the first place is the real key to a happy and long lasting relationship, and not money. Considering the very hectic and fast paced world that we currently living in today, romantic gestures towards your filial partner became the most difficult thing to do. So, love experts out there come up with simple reminders and tips on how to keep the fires burning between husbands and wives. These simple activities and efforts go hundreds of miles in terms of results that aim to strengthen and maintain the longing between man and woman of the family.

Everyone one of us were created romantics and are destined to be loved yet somehow along the way, we tend to prioritize other trivial things to get us by. However, with the help of this tips, we believe that in the end, love will still conquers all.

Give some brief yet sweet messages to brighten up the day.

Writing a short yet romantic note for your spouse is one of the fun ways to kick start the day. Expressing gratitude and love is essential for every couple to bridge the gap caused by the hectic day-to-day schedule.

Have the daily dose of saccharine for your better behalf written in post-it paper and stick it on the very first thing that your partner grabs each morning such as coffee mug, alarm clock, cell phone, wrist watch or in any place that she can automatically see it.

Moreover, you can do it cleverly by adding extra “sweetness” on her breakfast. Let your partner indulge the delightful and scrumptious meal that will not only make her stomach full but also flatter her heart.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any time doing such, you can still send some love thru mobile memo note or even a text message. It might sound simple and cliché but this gesture is more than enough to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. After all, it’s the little things that count.

Surprise her without occasions.

Planning and giving surprises isn’t only intended for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and any other special occasions. If you’re married and want to keep your career on top, everything may seem like dreary, dull and monotonous not only for you but also for your partner. Just like what you did in your courting stage, surprising and giving something exciting to your spouse can really bring new colors and pleasure to your relationship. Show your love and admiration to your beloved by giving a “just because” present without her expecting.

Below is a list of surprises that you can actually do despite of having a busy schedule:

1. Slip a luscious chocolate inside her purse before you head to work.
2. Have a bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to her workplace; include a brief and inspiring message too.
3. Send her an astonishing email comprising pictures of her that she didn’t even knew they existed, with a motivational message of course.
4. Make use of the restaurant deliveries and have her comfort food delivered at her office. It’s a romantic way of letting her know that you want to assure her that you think of her while you’re having your meal separately. However, if you can squeeze just a little time out of your hectic schedule, pay a visit to her office and eat your lunch together.
5. Buy a greeting card and place it on the dashboard of her car or have someone in her work place to place the card on her table.
6. Set up a salon visit, nail spa treatment, massage, or other pampering type appointment for your spouse on her non-working day. It is a great way of making her feel relaxed and valued.
7. Think of something significant from “the old days” that both of you used to do mutually and reinvent it.

Small yet constant surprises re-enforce intimacy, connections, and satisfaction within the couple. These thoughtful gestures are sure-fire flints to keep the love burning on both lovers’ eyes. Definitely, any surprise that’s random and unexpected brings a thrill.

Change her alarm with your recorded voice.

It may sound silly yet definitely romantic. Surely, your voice is the very first thing that your spouse wants to hear upon waking up. Get rid of those traditional alarm tones and have your recorded voice annoy her in a passionate way.

Have fun with riddles and simply be kids again.

Guessing riddles is not only for kids, even adults can make a fun out of it. In fact, just like kids, adults need an ample amount of time to answer it. Surely, riddles can be entertaining for couples who spend most of their time away from each other.

Before going to work, give a riddle for your partner and give her the whole day to come up with a guess. To add drama and excitement, the loser will do something that the winner wants – it may be cleaning the dishes, cooking and even intimate things.

The teasing, clues, and small chitchats maintains the communication between couples even if they are separated by priorities and proximity. We all know that communication is a key ingredient to everlasting and understanding union.

Plan a quality time beforehand.

If both of you used to have a custom activity, that doesn’t need to stop and having a busy lifestyle is not a hindrance at all. Find a convenient time for the both of you to relax and enjoy each others’ company.

There will always be ways for each of you to allot enough time for each other which actually wont hinder the both of you to still excel from your career and other passion. Make use of those chances and spend it wisely with your partner because the ultimate goal in life is not how many work days you earned but being with each other’s arms at the end of the day, happy and fulfilled.