5 Ingenious DIY Wall Decors Ideas For Your Home

A house could never become a house without its walls. The walls are the framework of a home. It provides the necessary protection from unwanted external things and also clearly separates the home space from the yard.

Thanks to the windows and doors, the walls of the house gets an opening and somehow gets a headstart to its beautification. However, the design and accessories for your windows and doors may not always be enough to fill that empty space that sometimes create a void feeling to every household member. There will always be that “itch” or longing to do something on that empty, barren wall.

In order to every member of the house feel relaxed whenever they are at home, the walls must be decorated with something that refreshes the eyes, calms the soul, and negate that “boxed” feeling. Wall decoration is a business in itself. There are a lot of things that the world offers to beautify and maximize every home’s walls. Although satisfaction guaranteed, these decoration options may be a bit heavy on the budget though and it may not be wise to spent too much for all sides of your wall, would it be not?

To satisfy the urge and to create that wonderful wall, we have the best “Do-It-Yourself” wall décor activities in line for you guys today. These decors are easy to create and the materials are “junks” that you never expected to be still useful. Check out the list and make your own!


Abstract painting is one of the most loved wall decorations by home owners because it is not only pleasant to the eyes but also it gives a distinct character to the overall appearance to a home space. When you buy this kind of wall décor in the market, it will certainly cost you a fortune, but you can always make one for your home with the help of few materials. The great thing about DIY-ing abstract paintings is that even an unskilled individual can do this project.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Canvas (your desired size)
• Acrylic Paint (2 preferred colors)
• ¼” Painters Tape
• Paint Brush
• Pencils
How To Do It?
1. In the canvas, make a light sketch of geometric pattern using a pencil or computer software if you prefer.
2. Using the painters tape, cover the pattern lines and spaces that don’t need paint colors. By doing so, it will be easier to apply wet paint to the canvas, and the negative spaces will look neat.
3. Start applying paint to the canvas and don’t forget to have 2 color combinations to add depth to the painting.
4. Let the paint dry completely.
5. Gently remove the painter tape.

And voila! You have your own DIY abstract painting! You may want to pair the wall décor with a chair of the same color perhaps or you can leave it as it is!


Framed wallpapers are excellent choices if you are opting to have a rustic and vintage feel in your living space. It is also a great ingenious way of utilizing leftover wallpapers and recycling old picture frames. When you have this decorations hanged on your walls, no one will ever notice that it is made out of wallpapers because of its “painting like” appearance. Moreover, the various sizes of the photo frames and diverse wallpaper designs will add drama to the overall look of the wall decoration.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Wallpapers
• Picture Frames
• Fastening Material
How To Do It?
1. Fasten the wallpaper on the frame’s board to hold its place.
2. Assemble the frames with the attached wallpaper on it.

Tadaaah! You now have your classic wall décor! It is definitely cheap and easy to do.


If you love to do crochet, do not limit the possibilities of using them on tables because you may want to exhibit your masterpieces by making them as wall décors. People who will see these creative wall art will surely be inspired of learning crochet and be entertained of the idea of using them on their walls.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• 12” x 12” Canvases
• Finished Crochet Works
• Water Base Sealer For Fabric
• Paint (try coordinating your paint colors with the crochet)
• Scrapbook Paper
• Craft Knife
• Craft Cutting Board
• Paintbrush
How To Do It?
1. Using the craft knife and cutting board, trim the scrapbook paper into 11.5” x 11.5”. Set aside.
2. Grab your canvases and paint them equally with your desired colors and give several coats. Allow the paint to totally dry.
3. Place a generous amount of fabric sealer on the dried up canvases (work one at a time), spread the sealer evenly.
4. Instantaneously, fasten the trimmed scrapbook paper to the canvas and smooth thoroughly. Wipe away any fabric sealer that comes out of the edges. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
5. Brush some fabric sealer on your crochets, especially on the edges of it.
6. Immediately place the crochet with fabric sealer on it to the canvases. Rolled it out with something heavy enough to make it stick easily. Let it dry for a few hours before hanging the finished wall art.

And you’re done! These set of inventive wall hanging decorations is perfect for spring!


The Canvas Map wall décor is a great way of turning an educational tool to something artistic without losing the purpose of the material. It is a perfect wall hanging décor for your kids’ rooms or a center piece for your living room. Allow your creative juices to flow and let the nifty large piece of art illustrate the wanderer in you.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Old Map (or you can thrift some on stores)
• Bunch of Canvases (different sizes)
• Blue Paint
• Water Base Sealer For Fabric
• Paintbrush
• Measuring Tape
• Pencil
• Craft Knife
• Craft Cutting Board
How To Do It?
1. Paint the edges of the canvases using the blue paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.
2. Form a layout of painted canvases into a large square frame.
3. Meanwhile, using the measuring tool, measure the sizes of each canvas and reflect that sizes to the map to divide it into portions, depending on how many canvases you have in hand. Make sure to double check the sizes.
4. With your craft cutting knife and board, cut the measured map pieces. Start on the upper part of the map and lay the cut portion on another flat surfaced space to ensure correct sequencing.
5. Working one at a time, place a generous amount of water base fabric sealer on the canvas and instantaneously place the corresponding map piece for it. Roll it out with some material or turn them over to add some weight, it will help you even out the fastening of the map portion. Let it dry complete. Repeat process until all map pieces are successfully attached to their equivalent canvases.
6. After the map pieces perfectly attached to the canvases, give each canvases a little and quick coat of the water base fabric sealer to give the map a gorgeous glaze. Ensure not to overdo it. Let the sealer dry totally.

Voila! You now have an imaginative and educational wall hanging décor!

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like having a map wall décor, of course, you can still make this one using different paper material.


The colorful String Art wall decoration is a great embellishment for modern inspired interiors and minimal designed spaces. It is very creative and ingenious wall décor that would spruce up the look and feel of your interior. Also, the good thing about string art canvases is you can have different designs and a color combination; the sky is the limit for this work of art. Below is one good example of a string art wall décor.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• 3 pieces of 2’x4’ rolls of Cork
• Assorted Colors of Embroidery Floss
• Bunch of 11/16” Linoleum Nails
• Glue Gun
• White Paint (optional)
• Paintbrush (optional)
How To Do It?
1. Unroll the cork pieces and put them on top of each other. Use the hot glue gun to fasten the corks together. Let it dry for a while.
2. Put in the nails to the cork board deep enough to hold its place. Have the nails placed in two parallel lines, ensuring that each nail is perfectly of the same place with the adjacent nail.
3. Begin placing the embroidery floss one at time to the board. Start by fastening the tip of the floss on the top part of the first line (first nail of the first line) and run it across to the bottom part of the second line (bottom nail of the second line), making it look like a diagonal line. From the bottom nail of the second line, run the floss towards the bottom nail of the first line, then run it from the bottom nail of the first line to the top nail of the second line, again making a diagonal line. Finish the first phase by running the floss from the top nail of the second line to the top nail of the first line.
4. After forming a two triangles (top and bottom), run the floss to the second nail of the first line and repeat process #3 replacing top and bottom nails with second and second to the last nails.
5. Repeat process #3 and #4 for all of the nails. Replace yarns with another color it you’ll reach the end of it.