5 Ingenious DIY Wall Decors Ideas For Your Home

A house could never become a house without its walls. The walls are the framework of a home. It provides the necessary protection from unwanted external things and also clearly separates the home space from the yard.

Thanks to the windows and doors, the walls of the house gets an opening and somehow gets a headstart to its beautification. However, the design and accessories for your windows and doors may not always be enough to fill that empty space that sometimes create a void feeling to every household member. There will always be that “itch” or longing to do something on that empty, barren wall.

In order to every member of the house feel relaxed whenever they are at home, the walls must be decorated with something that refreshes the eyes, calms the soul, and negate that “boxed” feeling. Wall decoration is a business in itself. There are a lot of things that the world offers to beautify and maximize every home’s walls. Although satisfaction guaranteed, these decoration options may be a bit heavy on the budget though and it may not be wise to spent too much for all sides of your wall, would it be not?

To satisfy the urge and to create that wonderful wall, we have the best “Do-It-Yourself” wall décor activities in line for you guys today. These decors are easy to create and the materials are “junks” that you never expected to be still useful. Check out the list and make your own!


Abstract painting is one of the most loved wall decorations by home owners because it is not only pleasant to the eyes but also it gives a distinct character to the overall appearance to a home space. When you buy this kind of wall décor in the market, it will certainly cost you a fortune, but you can always make one for your home with the help of few materials. The great thing about DIY-ing abstract paintings is that even an unskilled individual can do this project.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Canvas (your desired size)
• Acrylic Paint (2 preferred colors)
• ¼” Painters Tape
• Paint Brush
• Pencils
How To Do It?
1. In the canvas, make a light sketch of geometric pattern using a pencil or computer software if you prefer.
2. Using the painters tape, cover the pattern lines and spaces that don’t need paint colors. By doing so, it will be easier to apply wet paint to the canvas, and the negative spaces will look neat.
3. Start applying paint to the canvas and don’t forget to have 2 color combinations to add depth to the painting.
4. Let the paint dry completely.
5. Gently remove the painter tape.

And voila! You have your own DIY abstract painting! You may want to pair the wall décor with a chair of the same color perhaps or you can leave it as it is!


Framed wallpapers are excellent choices if you are opting to have a rustic and vintage feel in your living space. It is also a great ingenious way of utilizing leftover wallpapers and recycling old picture frames. When you have this decorations hanged on your walls, no one will ever notice that it is made out of wallpapers because of its “painting like” appearance. Moreover, the various sizes of the photo frames and diverse wallpaper designs will add drama to the overall look of the wall decoration.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Wallpapers
• Picture Frames
• Fastening Material
How To Do It?
1. Fasten the wallpaper on the frame’s board to hold its place.
2. Assemble the frames with the attached wallpaper on it.

Tadaaah! You now have your classic wall décor! It is definitely cheap and easy to do.


If you love to do crochet, do not limit the possibilities of using them on tables because you may want to exhibit your masterpieces by making them as wall décors. People who will see these creative wall art will surely be inspired of learning crochet and be entertained of the idea of using them on their walls.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• 12” x 12” Canvases
• Finished Crochet Works
• Water Base Sealer For Fabric
• Paint (try coordinating your paint colors with the crochet)
• Scrapbook Paper
• Craft Knife
• Craft Cutting Board
• Paintbrush
How To Do It?
1. Using the craft knife and cutting board, trim the scrapbook paper into 11.5” x 11.5”. Set aside.
2. Grab your canvases and paint them equally with your desired colors and give several coats. Allow the paint to totally dry.
3. Place a generous amount of fabric sealer on the dried up canvases (work one at a time), spread the sealer evenly.
4. Instantaneously, fasten the trimmed scrapbook paper to the canvas and smooth thoroughly. Wipe away any fabric sealer that comes out of the edges. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
5. Brush some fabric sealer on your crochets, especially on the edges of it.
6. Immediately place the crochet with fabric sealer on it to the canvases. Rolled it out with something heavy enough to make it stick easily. Let it dry for a few hours before hanging the finished wall art.

And you’re done! These set of inventive wall hanging decorations is perfect for spring!


The Canvas Map wall décor is a great way of turning an educational tool to something artistic without losing the purpose of the material. It is a perfect wall hanging décor for your kids’ rooms or a center piece for your living room. Allow your creative juices to flow and let the nifty large piece of art illustrate the wanderer in you.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• Old Map (or you can thrift some on stores)
• Bunch of Canvases (different sizes)
• Blue Paint
• Water Base Sealer For Fabric
• Paintbrush
• Measuring Tape
• Pencil
• Craft Knife
• Craft Cutting Board
How To Do It?
1. Paint the edges of the canvases using the blue paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.
2. Form a layout of painted canvases into a large square frame.
3. Meanwhile, using the measuring tool, measure the sizes of each canvas and reflect that sizes to the map to divide it into portions, depending on how many canvases you have in hand. Make sure to double check the sizes.
4. With your craft cutting knife and board, cut the measured map pieces. Start on the upper part of the map and lay the cut portion on another flat surfaced space to ensure correct sequencing.
5. Working one at a time, place a generous amount of water base fabric sealer on the canvas and instantaneously place the corresponding map piece for it. Roll it out with some material or turn them over to add some weight, it will help you even out the fastening of the map portion. Let it dry complete. Repeat process until all map pieces are successfully attached to their equivalent canvases.
6. After the map pieces perfectly attached to the canvases, give each canvases a little and quick coat of the water base fabric sealer to give the map a gorgeous glaze. Ensure not to overdo it. Let the sealer dry totally.

Voila! You now have an imaginative and educational wall hanging décor!

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like having a map wall décor, of course, you can still make this one using different paper material.


The colorful String Art wall decoration is a great embellishment for modern inspired interiors and minimal designed spaces. It is very creative and ingenious wall décor that would spruce up the look and feel of your interior. Also, the good thing about string art canvases is you can have different designs and a color combination; the sky is the limit for this work of art. Below is one good example of a string art wall décor.

Materials and Tools Needed:
• 3 pieces of 2’x4’ rolls of Cork
• Assorted Colors of Embroidery Floss
• Bunch of 11/16” Linoleum Nails
• Glue Gun
• White Paint (optional)
• Paintbrush (optional)
How To Do It?
1. Unroll the cork pieces and put them on top of each other. Use the hot glue gun to fasten the corks together. Let it dry for a while.
2. Put in the nails to the cork board deep enough to hold its place. Have the nails placed in two parallel lines, ensuring that each nail is perfectly of the same place with the adjacent nail.
3. Begin placing the embroidery floss one at time to the board. Start by fastening the tip of the floss on the top part of the first line (first nail of the first line) and run it across to the bottom part of the second line (bottom nail of the second line), making it look like a diagonal line. From the bottom nail of the second line, run the floss towards the bottom nail of the first line, then run it from the bottom nail of the first line to the top nail of the second line, again making a diagonal line. Finish the first phase by running the floss from the top nail of the second line to the top nail of the first line.
4. After forming a two triangles (top and bottom), run the floss to the second nail of the first line and repeat process #3 replacing top and bottom nails with second and second to the last nails.
5. Repeat process #3 and #4 for all of the nails. Replace yarns with another color it you’ll reach the end of it.

Home Rejuvenation: Decorating With Plants

Decorating your home could be a tough job, one that you never expect for a just a controlled space. A lot of activities and things are required to achieve the theme and design you have in mind. First to consider are the partitions and spaces inside your home. The partitions and sections define the flow of traffic and intensity of entry of sunlight and air. Furniture and appliances are also two of the crucial things you need to consider. More than its function, these solid things take up space and sometimes contribute to the pollution inside your homes.

When you already have all these things in place, you may notice one thing that’s missing that makes the beautiful house into a livable home and that is the touch of nature. Plants add the “green factor” inside every home. Not only that they are great for corner decors, plants act as your natural deodorizers and air purifiers. A home with indoor plants will always smell fresh and relaxing, which a home is supposed to be like.

To guide everyone on what plants are the best choices to be placed indoors, here we have a short list that will definitely give you a run for your money and effort.


Peace Lilies, also known as closet plants, are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants because they are easy to grow, resilient and they have least handling demands. This evergreen perennial plant was included on the NASA’s list of Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.

In line with sun exposure, like many well-liked indoor plants, peace lilies require minimum indirect sunlight, they blossom even in indoor temperatures and they often enjoy the shade. If you’re opting for more flowers from this plant, you can place them near the windows for them to acquire enough rays from the sun. Otherwise, you can have them on shaded part of your home for a more conventional foliage plant.

On the other hand, peace lilies are drought tolerant; they can thrive with minimal watering rather than overwatering. In fact, a peace lily can survive for a week without water, as long as its bed is moist enough. Dry soil in peace lilies signifies their need to be watered.

Furthermore, this perennial plant doesn’t call for regular fertilizing; once or twice in a year is enough for them to flourish.


Chinese Money Plant, also called as Missionary Plant or Pancake Plant, is a hardy white and pink flowering plant that is succulent and evergreen. Another perennial plant that also enjoys the indoors.

Just like Peace Lilies, the Chinese Money Plant prefer a partially shaded portion of every indoors and will definitely grow well on a window ledge with minimal sunlight exposure. This evergreen perennial do well in a well-drained soil but it can be planted on any kinds of soil as long as it is free draining.

Furthermore, having a Chinese Money Plant is a trouble free task since it is generally easy to grow and the only care that it requires is constant watering during summer. In wet seasons, a drench and dry approach is ideal. Fertilizers are also preferable every 2-3 weeks.

This plant doesn’t need to have an elaborately decorated pot since the soft rounded green leaves alone create a dramatic impression.


Generally, Phalaenopsis Orchids have a negative reputation as being fastidious and tricky to grow, however, these assumptions are the total opposite.

Phalaenopsis Orchids are perfect decorative plants for homes because they are easy to grow, require minimal light and will definitely bloom on shaded areas. On the contrary of the conventional ways of raising orchids, Phalaenopsis don’t really need direct sunlight because exposing them to immense heat will cause scorching. A well drown Phalaenopsis will have a darker green shade of leaves as well as bands of burgundy on the undersides.

What you need to take note is that the plant needs constant slightly damped potting because it has a minimal tolerance for drought, hence weekly watering is greatly recommended. Moreover, fertilizers are preferable weekly, but during winter and flowering season, you can cut fertilizer application to once a month.

Also, one good reason to have Phalaenopsis Orchids indoors is its capability to absorb a toxin that’s found in glues and paints known as xylene. Aside from giving off oxygen, they also purify the indoor air.

This indoor orchid is one of the plants where you can say that your decision is worth it. With the right condition, not for the needy, this plant will surely give you the blooms you want inside your homes.


Palms are enduring and lasting houseplants that are certainly easy to cultivate and widely known to be natural air purifiers – they get rid off benzene, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide.

Palm plants can be a luxurious preference of plant for the indoors compared to other kinds. Even so, they really do spruce up the appearance and bring a serene, tropical yet modernly feel in living rooms, greenhouses and other rooms within a house as well as offices.

Conversely, unlike any other hardy plants mentioned above, Palms call for a moderately balance of moisture, light, fertilizer and heat for them to thrive. Though this plant requires adequate light and heat, they don’t really prefer to be near the heat source. Moreover, the soil bed for palms should be well drained yet moist.

There are lots of varieties of indoor Palms to choose from, so selection is not a problem for homeowners. Commitment and patience on growing them is greatly considered.


The Aloe Plant, or widely known as Aloe Vera, is a great houseplant choice. Aside from beautifying your indoor space and purifying the air, Aloe plants are beneficial when you utilize the juice coming from its leaves. It has the capability to relieve scrapes and burns’ pain as well as it can be a beauty regimen’s ingredient – refreshing face mask and promotes hair volume.

Aloes can thrive on well-draining container that is placed on areas with indirect sunlight or even on artificial light. Also, minimal watering is preferable.

Furthermore, with proper handling and care, Aloe plants can easily produce plantlets that can be detached to make an entirely new plant.

Money-Saving Tips and Ideas For Weddings

Marriage is supposedly the union of two strangers who managed to find each other and grew fond of each other after being together for quite some time. The ceremony is a celebration of love and commitment yet, during these times, it has demanded much more than that. Marriage is now sadly and undeniably, a booming industry—a good business opportunity.

When my husband and I got married, we spent almost all of our savings which we hardly earned for a year. The wedding honestly exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Having to prepare and look for suppliers on our own made the preparations much more challenging though fun. The wedding day was like a dream come true for the both of us yet somehow it was very tiring. Lastly, when everything settled down and when we decided to compute our total spending from preparation to the wedding day down to the last minute add-ons, what we found out was really life changing. Life changing in the sense that we never spend that much money our entire lives combine. However, even with the eye-popping expenditures, my husband and I never regretted a thing. For the both of us, that wedding is what we plan and what we readied ourselves for the longest time so both of us deserved to have that kind of wedding.

For all the couples out there who are planning to have their own dream wedding, heed our warning and read this post before anything else. We have useful tips for you that may help alleviate the expenditures for your weddings. These tips are based on 1st hand experiences of couples just like us, who have been there and could have done better. So, check these out guys.

Invitation Cards


Invitation cards don’t have to be expensive because after the wedding, those invitations will only go to scrap. The most important thing is that these cards reached its recipients, especially the sponsors and the entourage weeks before the wedding to allow these people to prepare or deny the invitation way ahead of time.

Making your own invitation cards will surely aid you in saving a lot of money. Besides, crafting one doesn’t demand for special skills, all you need is a good printer, paper cutter and a couple of stationeries.



For the paper. Find cheap yet fine quality stationery. If you’re opting for a classic look, I suggest that you go for plain ones, because sometimes elaborate designs on stationery steal the content’s limelight and they can be costly too. If you want accents for your invitation papers, you can make them using your computers’ software or you can even find a template over the internet and have them printed.

For the content. Invitation cards don’t have to embrace all the details for your special day. Just put your names, the date and time, venue and the wedding motif – that’s the key information that your guests need to know.

For the content’s design and font, you can make your own or grab a template which is available online. Always ensure to highlight you and your partner’s name by having a bigger font size and different font style, then the rest can be the same.

To save up stationery, don’t hesitate to have your invitation printed back-to-back, as long as it doesn’t look congested then its fine. Furthermore, it’s much easier to distribute single invitation cards and definitely much cheaper when shipped.

For the Seal. You can assemble your invitation cards by envelope, twine or ribbons. To avoid spending much for envelopes, you can always do it on your own.

Floral Arrangements

The bouquets are one of the priciest necessities in weddings. Hiring a florist to arrange all bouquets and floral stands in venues definitely provide you stunning and breathtaking floral arrangement but with a very high price.

On the other hand, you can save as much if you’re going to do your flower decorations (a help from good friends would mean a lot though). Below are some ideas to enlighten you.

Save yourself from lavish flowers. It is undeniable that some of the in demand wedding flowers is too costly. To tell the truth, couples particularly the bride-to-be becomes blinded by price when shown to astonishing bouquet with dazzling flowers.

On the contrary, there are many low-priced varieties of flowers that look as good as the lavish ones. When you have the right assembly and combinations that compliment each kind, coming up with an eye-catching centerpiece is certainly manageable.

Make use of foliage. Foliage in bouquet is the new trend for wedding flower arrangements nowadays. It’s inexpensive and definitely adds volume and texture to bouquets.

Moreover, with foliage, you’ll spend less on flowers. Absolutely, it will be a wise choice for couples who want to save a lot.

Creative DIY flowers. If you’re an outgoing couple, DIY wedding flowers suit you best. It’s fun and ingenious in all ways.

Furthermore, you can certainly play with your favorite colors and floral shapes with this kind of floral bouquet.

Don’t invest a lot for table’s floral centerpieces. Another thing to consider in flower arrangements is the table centerpieces. For couples and wedding enthusiasts, flower décors on tables is a must-have. It doesn’t only revamp the venue but also it adds drama and romance to the celebration.

Floral assemblies in tables don’t have to be large and overwhelming to steal the attention of the diners. In fact, a tall vase with a couple of flowers of different heights will be great.


As much as possible, choose a venue that doesn’t require much décor – outdoor locations with gardens or foliage perhaps is an excellent example.

Venue for wedding ceremonies and reception don’t have to be full of decors. When the place is besieged with many decorative materials, you’re giving the spotlight to the venue which is supposedly for the newlyweds. The technique for having a refined venue is to keep it simple and classy, just like the old saying goes “Less is more.”

Tip: Pick an off-peak day for your wedding to avoid pricey venue fees.

Bridal Attire

Choosing the bride’s wedding apparel is one of the most expensive and nerve-wracking phase in all of wedding preparations. In these times, a bride-to-be can instantaneously transform from being a naturally sweet gal to super excited and to stressed bridezilla.

Buy the wedding attire ahead of time. To avoid hustle and rush fees, ordering your gown at the first phase of wedding planning is recommendable. By doing so, it is more convenient for possible alterations such as neckline change, size adjustment, etc.

Refrain yourself in buying new jewelries. You don’t have to buy new jewelries for you to look glam and posh. There are many high-end jewelry shops that offer rentals. On the other hand, you can always use your old jewelries, as long as it feels and looks good.

Photo and Video Documentation

Aside from instilled memories, photos and videos will always be there to remind you of how magical your wedding was. However, not all couples can afford decent photographers without spending a fortune. In times like this, don’t hesitate to call your friends and ask if they are acquainted with a pro that does weddings part time – if a photographer has other sources of earnings, he can generally afford to charge less fees.

Likewise, in terms of packages, choose the less-expensive deal that doesn’t include printed copies and albums but gives soft copies which you can print and layout after the wedding.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors is the most flexible stuff in weddings. You can have usable things, food, artwork crafts and anything you can think of under the sun.

Also, you don’t have to give wedding favors to all of your guests. Set a limit on the quantity that you’re going to have.


To cut staffing expenditures, consider having a buffet on your wedding reception. Compared to a per head plated dinner, in buffet, you can absolutely save a lot as well as you get more food for the total amount that you disburse.

If you’re planning to serve booze during your reception, do not be deceived by the add-on packages for open bars or cocktails because that will spell more expenditures on your part. Instead of serving expensive alcohol drinks or spirits, better to serve bucket loads of beer or gin. These kinds of drinks are far less expensive and are more favored by your guests.

For sure, there will be children on your wedding and they too are expected to eat during the reception. If you have a good idea on how many kids will be attending, better to ask the caterers if they do discounts on kiddie portions. You may never know and if you are lucky, the discount will be a cut off from your original budget for food.

Wedding Cake and Desserts

The wedding cake is definitely one of the highlights of a wedding and most of your guests are actually looking forward to the design of the cake. Wedding cakes have standard design components which are almost a must. These components are the iced ribbons, blossoms, buttercream, and multiple layers. A perfect wedding cake would definitely add more magic to the wedding reception and to everyone’s memories. However, getting a perfect wedding cake will also mean being ready to spend a lot for it especially nowadays wherein baking is considered one of the most in-demand professions.

If you go for inexpensive wedding cake, invest on small couture cakes. Have a small two to three tiered, less decorated wedding cake for you and your guests to indulge with. Choose a plain and simple butter cream cake and topped it with fresh flowers, fruits and other personalized topper.

For desserts, have them in small slices and portions.


If you have musically inclined friends, you can always ask them to do the music arrangements on your wedding day. Moreover, you can also hire graduate-student musicians to play, they are certainly costs less than the pros.

And finally, when people offer to help, let them!

Never Underestimate the Power of Swimming Goggles

It may sound like a shock to you, but I’m a wife and mother who is currently taking swimming lessons. I know – why so late? Well, I never thought I would need it until my baby was born. I kept thinking lately that I would miss a lot of fun as a parent because I couldn’t teach my own child how to swim.

In one of my swimming classes, my coach reminded us that swimming is essential for safety in the water. I regret not taking that idea seriously in the past since I’ve always been too optimistic about travel. The push I need all along is to have fun with my child when she finally knows how to swim a few years from now. Thank goodness she is still a baby, giving me more time in learning how to swim.

My Coach and His Passion for Swimming Goggles

The first time I joined my coach’s swimming class, I forgot to bring swimming goggles. His website made it clear to bring a pair, but I still attended the class because, well, it’s just swimming goggles! Despite being younger than me, my coach still told me that I shouldn’t have forgotten my goggles. I realized it later when I kept rubbing water out of my eyes every time I emerged from the surface. I found it hard to process the lessons because of the whole eye-rubbing thing.

After the class, my coach came up to me and gave me tips on purchasing swimming goggles. He had no idea that I already bought one. I really just forgot to bring it. But, my coach still continued to explain that in purchasing goggles, I must test the suction. I just have to stick the goggles without the straps as a test. If the goggles stayed on my skin for a while, then these goggles have very good suction. Good suction doesn’t need a tight strap anymore, he said.


I found his tips interesting, especially the suction thing. But, as I said before, I already bought one. So, there’s nothing left to do but bring the goggles I purchased next time. Besides, who in the right mind would sell goggles that would let water gush through? That’s why I just picked the first durable-looking pair of goggles I saw and took it to the counter for purchase. I thought as long as my eyes would stay clear from water, then my goggles are fine.

The Incident

Boy, I was so wrong with underestimating swimming goggles. I realized in the second session that my new pet peeve is water entering the goggles while swimming. It was so irritating to try my best in adjusting the straps but end up having water all over my eyes. I even adjusted the straps until my eyes were on the verge of popping out of their sockets. Still, water kept entering my goggles.

Again, my coach approached me and asked if I remembered every tip he said the previous session. I admitted that I ignored his tips since I already bought a pair that time. This time, however, my coach insisted that I should buy a new pair or I wouldn’t absorb all his future lessons because of distractions.

Wow, There’s Really a Lot to Learn about Goggles!

My classes are scheduled once a week, so I still had time to purchase new swimming goggles before the third class. But, I researched a lot before purchase to avoid further regrets.

My research was totally worth it! I finally bought the perfect goggles. It didn’t matter if the pair was more expensive than the first. The most important thing was that my third class until the latest one went smoothly for me because of my high-quality goggles. Now, I don’t want other people to experience all the inconveniences that happened to me. Misfit goggles are definitely a waste of money. Avoid the wrong purchase with these tips:

Remember my coach’s tips.

Yup, everything he said to me was right. I found several sources online indicating the tips he stated. Remember, test the goggles first before purchase by letting the suction stick to your skin for a few seconds without straps. In my case, the goggles I bought stayed on my skin for 2 seconds. It worked better with straps, proven by how smooth my third session went.

The suction focuses on stopping water from entering your eyes. Good suction contributes to comfort because you don’t have to tighten the strap too much.

Following this tip is kind of tricky when the goggles are purchased online. You can find a seller who offers a full refund if the goggles don’t fit. But, it can surely be a hassle. To avoid this, then you really have to make a quick sacrifice and go to an actual store.

Choose the right color and quality of lens.

My coach never explained to me why swimming goggles available in the market have different colors. Good thing I managed to learn all about it online.

First things first, it is practical to purchase goggles that have UV protection and anti-fog coating. You might not need UV protection in an indoor pool but once you need goggles in some outdoor activities, then spend your money on just one high-quality pair.

Now, for the most common lens colors:

Mirrored: Lessens glare and brightness, perfect for outdoor swimming pools and beaches.

Blue: Filters light to a moderate level and protects eyes from glare, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Amber: Brightens vision in low light and lessens glare from the sunlight, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Smoke: Reduces overall light transmission, perfect for outdoor activities.

Lilac: Improves contrast of objects in the water, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Clear: Clears vision in low light environments, perfect for indoor pools.

I bought swimming goggles with amber lens. The pair looks so feminine yet sporty at the same time. Okay, you got me – I love the color yellow!

Provide comfort for your nose as well.

People mistakenly prioritize eye comfort when it comes to swimming goggles. In fact, tight and loose goggles can both irritate the nose. Tight goggles pinch the nose’s sensitive skin resulting to a reddish aftereffect. Loose ones, on the other hand, rubs the nose’s skin harshly, leading to rash. There are goggles with an adjustable nose bridge. So, make sure to buy one just like that.

Take advantage of the new thing – split straps!

New designs of goggles usually have the split strap. This type of strap is better at securing the goggles in just one place. If you like diving and speed-swimming, then buy a pair of goggles with a split strap.


Final Thoughts

Swimming is a nice way to bond with family and friends. I was contented just sitting on the beach or pool lounge chair whenever I was taking a vacation with my parents and siblings. But now that I have a baby, I want to make memories with her such as teaching her what I’ve learned in my swimming classes. I can’t wait to buy her those cute swimming goggles for kids!

5 Fun and Sweet Tips to Jazz Up Your Busy Marriage

Society has changed a lot ever since people started living in communities and building cities. Unlike the world before wherein the women were more like home buddies and were only expected to take do household chores and take care of the kids, nowadays, both sexes compete in the same rat race.

Successful couples at these times do not always equate to happy ones. In fact, most of the well-earned couples that I know rarely get to spend quality moment with their spouses because both of their careers compete with their own personal times. Though money is coming in steadily, securing the future of the family, intimacy and romance are the ones that are slowly lost. This is not a good sign at all.

Showing love and affection is very essential to couples. Constant reminding of each other of why they chose each other in the first place is the real key to a happy and long lasting relationship, and not money. Considering the very hectic and fast paced world that we currently living in today, romantic gestures towards your filial partner became the most difficult thing to do. So, love experts out there come up with simple reminders and tips on how to keep the fires burning between husbands and wives. These simple activities and efforts go hundreds of miles in terms of results that aim to strengthen and maintain the longing between man and woman of the family.

Everyone one of us were created romantics and are destined to be loved yet somehow along the way, we tend to prioritize other trivial things to get us by. However, with the help of this tips, we believe that in the end, love will still conquers all.

Give some brief yet sweet messages to brighten up the day.

Writing a short yet romantic note for your spouse is one of the fun ways to kick start the day. Expressing gratitude and love is essential for every couple to bridge the gap caused by the hectic day-to-day schedule.

Have the daily dose of saccharine for your better behalf written in post-it paper and stick it on the very first thing that your partner grabs each morning such as coffee mug, alarm clock, cell phone, wrist watch or in any place that she can automatically see it.

Moreover, you can do it cleverly by adding extra “sweetness” on her breakfast. Let your partner indulge the delightful and scrumptious meal that will not only make her stomach full but also flatter her heart.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any time doing such, you can still send some love thru mobile memo note or even a text message. It might sound simple and cliché but this gesture is more than enough to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. After all, it’s the little things that count.

Surprise her without occasions.

Planning and giving surprises isn’t only intended for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and any other special occasions. If you’re married and want to keep your career on top, everything may seem like dreary, dull and monotonous not only for you but also for your partner. Just like what you did in your courting stage, surprising and giving something exciting to your spouse can really bring new colors and pleasure to your relationship. Show your love and admiration to your beloved by giving a “just because” present without her expecting.

Below is a list of surprises that you can actually do despite of having a busy schedule:

1. Slip a luscious chocolate inside her purse before you head to work.
2. Have a bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to her workplace; include a brief and inspiring message too.
3. Send her an astonishing email comprising pictures of her that she didn’t even knew they existed, with a motivational message of course.
4. Make use of the restaurant deliveries and have her comfort food delivered at her office. It’s a romantic way of letting her know that you want to assure her that you think of her while you’re having your meal separately. However, if you can squeeze just a little time out of your hectic schedule, pay a visit to her office and eat your lunch together.
5. Buy a greeting card and place it on the dashboard of her car or have someone in her work place to place the card on her table.
6. Set up a salon visit, nail spa treatment, massage, or other pampering type appointment for your spouse on her non-working day. It is a great way of making her feel relaxed and valued.
7. Think of something significant from “the old days” that both of you used to do mutually and reinvent it.

Small yet constant surprises re-enforce intimacy, connections, and satisfaction within the couple. These thoughtful gestures are sure-fire flints to keep the love burning on both lovers’ eyes. Definitely, any surprise that’s random and unexpected brings a thrill.

Change her alarm with your recorded voice.

It may sound silly yet definitely romantic. Surely, your voice is the very first thing that your spouse wants to hear upon waking up. Get rid of those traditional alarm tones and have your recorded voice annoy her in a passionate way.

Have fun with riddles and simply be kids again.

Guessing riddles is not only for kids, even adults can make a fun out of it. In fact, just like kids, adults need an ample amount of time to answer it. Surely, riddles can be entertaining for couples who spend most of their time away from each other.

Before going to work, give a riddle for your partner and give her the whole day to come up with a guess. To add drama and excitement, the loser will do something that the winner wants – it may be cleaning the dishes, cooking and even intimate things.

The teasing, clues, and small chitchats maintains the communication between couples even if they are separated by priorities and proximity. We all know that communication is a key ingredient to everlasting and understanding union.

Plan a quality time beforehand.

If both of you used to have a custom activity, that doesn’t need to stop and having a busy lifestyle is not a hindrance at all. Find a convenient time for the both of you to relax and enjoy each others’ company.

There will always be ways for each of you to allot enough time for each other which actually wont hinder the both of you to still excel from your career and other passion. Make use of those chances and spend it wisely with your partner because the ultimate goal in life is not how many work days you earned but being with each other’s arms at the end of the day, happy and fulfilled.

Makeup Tips on Applying Setting Powder

When it comes to makeup, I always feel incomplete without face powder. It feels so wrong when I apply everything: eyebrow makeup, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and lipstick – without powder on my face! You can’t blame me, applying face powder is one of the major or basic essentials in makeup. Things such as concealers, bronzers, contour and highlights got popular in this generation only. But in the past years, as old as the Renaissance age, face powder is already used by aristocrats.

Types of Face Powders

As time goes by, however, applying face powder becomes a complicated thing. There are already types of face powders for different purposes. Good thing I managed to catch up because when I was younger, I was already contented with my powder compact. Seems that in this generation, women are already looking for different effects on their faces such as the plain and simple type, some glamorous shimmer in formal occasions, and the tropical dewy skin.

If you’re confused right now like I was a couple of years ago, find out the different types of face powders:

Loose Powder

Typically, loose powder comes in containers such as small jars. It is preferably applied with a kabuki brush because it is finer than most face powders. Its purpose is to give the face a light hint of powder. But, since it is too fine, loose powder becomes messy to use with all the puffing and spreading all over the place. That’s why loose powder is meant to use at home. Loose powder is meant for a fast puff before going somewhere.

Pressed Powder

Now, this is more popular for daily use. You don’t need to be a pro in makeup to use pressed powders because this is made in the form of our go-to makeup savior – powder compact. The downside of pressed powders is what we noticed in many women – a cake-y face. It is all because of how big its particles are, way bigger than loose powder. But, it is the most convenient type to use when you have someplace to go to.

Finishing Powder

Also known as HD powder, finishing powder is usually used by professional makeup artists especially for photoshoots, pageants, films and television appearances. It provides a high definition effect because of its white and smooth coverage. It is standard to use this as the final layer of powder on the face.

MAC Cosmetics

Setting Powder

This is probably my most favorite type of face powder. Setting powder is more convenient to use than loose powder. It has better effect than pressed powder. It is also faster to use than finishing powder. The main purpose of setting powder is to avoid an oily or shiny look on the face after using foundation. It also aims to prolong the stay of powder on the face to avoid a series of retouches that can be such a hassle. The best part about setting powder is that there are so many affordable alternatives for this, especially the setting powders sold in drugstores. Aside from its affordability many of the best drugstore setting powder are easy to pick up from local drug store and have many options to choose from.

Ben Nye

Tips on Using Setting Powder

Because setting powder is the perfect blend of professional finish yet convenience in application and budget, I recommend not forgetting to include this in your makeup kit. To avoid mistakes in applying setting powder, I’m going to give you tips on how to use it:

The Right Brush and Technique to Use

Use a soft yet thick brush in medium or large size. Before applying the setting powder, tap it first to shake off excess. If you forget to do this, it would be a waste of powder since your face can’t possibly absorb everything in the brush. Besides, it would be too messy if the tapping part is not done.

Now, don’t spread the powder immediately once the brush touches your face. You have to press the brush gently on your cheek first. Then, slowly make circular motions with the brush for an even powder coverage.

To ensure smoother coverage, I use an extra brush that’s small but still soft to remove excess powder on skin. But, that’s just me being meticulous. If you don’t have extra brushes, it is fine. Just press a soft cloth on areas with excess powder. Don’t wipe the area though. Gentle pats will do.

The Right Technique under the Eyes

Honestly, I disliked this part of makeup process in the past. I found it difficult to balance substances I apply on areas under my eyes. My concealer used to look distracting because of creases and uneven color. Good thing I learned that after putting a minimal amount of concealer under my eyes, I need to use a small yet thick, soft brush basically used for blending eyeshadow. But, you should not use this small brush to blend the concealer and powder. Just press it on top of areas with concealer. For blending, use the same brush you’re using for the whole face.

The Right Way to Use a Powder Puff

Powder puff is usually underestimated because it looks outdated. It is often associated with grandmothers. But, this is actually useful for oily skin types. The right technique to achieve flawless makeup with a puff is putting only a light amount of powder underneath it and tapping excess off on the back of your hand before application. Then, you just have to roll it gently and evenly all over the face. To ensure ultimate smoothness, use a brush to remove excess powder on your face.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Setting Powder

Another mistake you can encounter with setting powder is not choosing the right one for your skin. Here are two important things you should think about before purchasing a setting powder:


To play on the safe side, use translucent setting powder. This type of setting powder just go for texture, not changing the color of your foundation. It is also very light, so it gives a more natural look. It is perfect for all skin tones since it doesn’t have a tint. Translucent setting powder is colorless but gives a slight shine on your face.

Tint or Color

This is great for darker skin tones. If the color of your foundation is too bright for your skin, correct the tone with tinted or colored setting powder. But, it doesn’t darken the skin completely. It still gives a brighter vibe but not overwhelming for dark skin. It also balances out red areas on your face due to natural or artificial things such as rash and too much blush.

Final Thoughts

Makeup gets more complicated as years pass, doesn’t it? But, look at the bright side – this happens because of easy access to makeup tutorials on blogs and YouTube. Even if makeup gets complex, you will definitely learn it with patience and dedication. At least now, for starters, you already know how setting powder differs from other types of face powders.

10 Best Fashion Statements in ‘Game of Thrones’

Most “Game of Thrones” fans watch the series because of the epic fantasy-drama plot, characters and overall production quality. That’s a no-brainer actually. Every scene in the series is an eye candy and something to look forward to. But, there’s another thing why I love the series so much – the intricate and elegant costumes. I can’t help but fall in love with the characters because of their regal looks, no matter how evil some of them are.


Watching “Game of Thrones” again makes me notice even more the details of each costume. You can’t blame me for another series marathon – the seventh season is still out of my reach! So, let’s just savor once again these top 10 looks in the show throughout all six seasons.

10. Cersei’s Luxurious Lannister Robe

From the fourth episode of Season 1 titled “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things,” there are so many people in the scene where a tourney is commenced to welcome Ned Stark. But, Cersei Lannister really caught my eye because of her unique getup. Red and brown hues perfectly blend together to create a stunning outfit. The needlework of the Lannister symbol on the robe is also detailed and eye-catching. I also can’t get enough of Cersei’s hairstyle coupled with this costume. Cersei looks so evil yet majestic in this scene.


9. Jaime’s Dashing Lannister Armor

In this scene from Season 1’s seventh episode titled “You Win or You Die,” Jaime Lannister’s camp is preparing for war. But, come on – look at him! Jaime looks like a charming devil with his sly smile and stunning armor ensemble. Every detail designed all over Jaime’s getup is representing the Lannisters: the lion symbol, red cape and gold accents. Jaime in this getup reminds me of Prince Charming in fairy tales.


8. Joffrey Baratheon’s Name Day Outfit

Even from afar, you can clearly see the detail on Joffrey’s ensemble. Looking at his grace and elegance in this scene from the first episode of Season 2 titled “The North Remembers” makes me forget about his loathsome character. Also, his crown which represents the stag symbol of House Baratheon is a beauty. Clearly, it resembles the horns of a stag. His outfit as a king is also unique compared to the typical crown and cape getup of other ordinary kings, not just in “Game of Thrones” but in other works of art and entertainment.


7. Daenerys Targaryen’s Sheer Elegant Dress

I know Dany is one stunningly beautiful character. But, with this blue and gold dress she wears during a party in the City of Qarth, the Mother of Dragons looks even more magnificent! This outfit from Season 2’s fifth episode titled “The Ghost of Harrenhal” is definitely one of my personal favorites. It can even be worn in galas in this modern generation. It is sheer in the lower part which gives a peek on Dany’s legs. But, the whole vibe of the dress is just plain elegance. I’ve been thinking about replicating this outfit so I can wear it for myself in formal occasions.


6. Double Threat: Cersei’s Rich Gown and Margaery Tyrell’s Simple Laced Dress

Cersei is one of the characters of “Game of Thrones” who always slays with her fierce fashion sense. Margaery, on the other hand, stays graceful with her feminine flowing gowns. In this particular scene from the eighth episode of Season 3 titled “Second Sons,” Cersei and Margaery have a subtle yet tense conversation before Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark’s wedding. The lace and embroidery work of their gowns is stunning. I can’t imagine how long it took for the production to finish those gowns.


5. Sansa’s First Wedding Gown

Still from the same episode, despite the dull look of Sansa in this scene because let’s face it – she doesn’t want to marry Tyrion, her wedding gown and robe are jaw-dropping masterpieces! Her whole look spells Q-U-E-E-N all over even though she clearly has a different path to undertake.


4. Margaery’s Seductive Thorns Wedding Gown

This may be one of the simplest gowns here, but what I love about this dress is the details. If you look closely, the embroidery work resembles thorny stems from roses. It makes sense because House Tyrell’s symbol is a golden rose. Margaery also wears the sexiest gowns, so it is expected that her wedding gown is a seductive one which exposes her chest and back. Aside from Margaery’s wedding gown, there’s another delightful scene from Season 4’s second episode titled “The Lion and the Rose” that has nothing to do with fashion. Wink, wink.


3. Margaery’s Black and Gold Mourning Gown

Margaery might be “mourning” for somebody in the third episode of Season 4 titled “Breaker of Chains,” but her black gown still catches my attention because of its beautiful embroidery resembling gold roses. This is another one of my personal favorites aside from Dany’s sheer elegant dress.


2. Daenerys’s White Immaculate Gown

From all detailed and intricate outfits I mentioned to this pure white gown as the second best in this list – I know it may sound silly. But, I love how unique and functional it is. Cersei, Margaery and Sansa would never stand a chance with their gowns in the battlefield. In the ninth episode of Season 5, everything starts to get rowdy but Dany still looks divine because of this white gown. When Dany finally rides Drogon, the gown divides into different sections, and shows her pants and boots. I was delightfully surprised when I first watched it. The getup is elegant and edgy at the same time.



1. Queen Cersei’s Fierce Black Gown

I hate Cersei’s guts, I really do. But wow, her gown in the final episode of Season 6 titled “Winds of Winter” is totally the best one for me. The gown is black all over, but the details nail the look. Its structure is also unique. I think this is the only turtleneck gown I’ve seen in the series. The details make the gown look like it is made of rich leather. The whole getup commands authority which is fitting for the last scene of Cersei.


Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’ve been checking for updates since the end of Season 6. I really can’t wait for the next season! There’s nothing left to do but to keep checking for updates and watching reruns. Like me, maybe you would spot more interesting details that you haven’t noticed when you first watched the episodes.

How to Look Unique with Different Bohemian Styles

Some people may think that they know exactly what Bohemian style is. After all, this style aims to amplify how artistic and unique a person is. But, how can you be unique when some people also follow this fashion statement? My tip for a unique Bohemian ensemble is simple – mix it up! You can do that by knowing the development of this style through the years. You might be surprised how varied Bohemian style is.

What Does ‘Bohemian’ Mean?

Interestingly, Bohemians are originally known as refugees or travelers from central Europe. They are also called gypsies. In modern times, the word “bohemian” is shortened to “boho” whenever incorporated with fashion. Hence, the “boho-chic” era. Bohemian is often associated with freedom or liberation.

Different Bohemian Styles

I compiled my own list of various styles based on what I’ve learned about Bohemian fashion history. Even I was amazed how unfamiliar some of the styles are in this generation. For your next Bohemian-themed party or whenever you feel like wearing it, make sure to try these classic styles:

Jane Morris Style

A famous painting model in the pre-Raphaelite age, Jane Morris is one of the early inspirations of Bohemian style. She usually wore a flowing dress like what most women were wearing in her time but with a prominent difference – no corset, collar, crinoline, hoop and other restrictive accessories. Her structure-less fashion sense may be outrageous in the past but in the 20th century, she became an inspiration for style. As for her hair, she just let it flow in big waves on both sides of her temples. For the accessories, she wore a lot of exotic beads.

Modern Version

To avoid looking ancient because of a puffy, droopy dress, wear a shorter one. It doesn’t have to be puffy. You just have to wear a loose one and balance it out with a belt. Although the outfit has a lot of wrinkly portions, it is part of the style. You would look cool and comfortable. The off-shoulder style gives a seductive vibe, which exactly captures the essence of Bohemian fashion in the past.

Effie Gray Style

Euphemia Gray was one fearless, independent woman. She pursued what she wanted to do no matter how scandalous, and that’s leaving her first husband. She ended up marrying a pre-Raphaelite painter. Gray was known for her love in putting actual flowers on her hair and clothes as accessories. Her unforgettable style was circling the flowers around her hair.

Modern Version

You don’t need to put actual flowers on your hair. It doesn’t even have to be colorful. Just wear a circlet with floral shapes. This style became a staple part in Bohemian fashion.

Dorelia Style

The gypsy look became popular in the 20th century because of Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeill. Dorelia was the muse in the paintings of Augustus John. She usually wore full, long skirts either covered with bright colors or just a plain dark color. When it comes to the upper part of her dresses, she liked to wear it tight and match it with a colorful bodice. She also liked wearing long earrings. Her style is one of the most favorite looks of the modern Bohemian fashion.

Modern Version

For the top, you can still wear it tight and even shorter. But, you need to have a full skirt for balance. You can also match a dark-colored top with a colorful skirt or vice versa.

1940s Parisian Peasant Style

The year 1944 is known to be the time when Paris was finally liberated. For some reason, Parisian women liked to wear white blouses and colorful peasant skirts. They also loved wearing flowers on their hair and big fancy earrings. Some even wore ridiculously big hats full of decorations such as ribbons, feathers, fruits and flowers.

Modern Version

I personally liked this Bohemian style the most. It is feminine and fit for young women of this generation. You can maintain the white blouse and make the skirt shorter. Keep the skirt pretty and colorful.

Victoria Secret Peasant Skirt

Talitha Getty Style

Coincidentally, one of the trendsetters of Bohemian fashion is related to another style icon. Talitha Getty, an actress popular in the 1960s, was the step-granddaughter of Dorelia McNeill. Her stylish and liberated photographs in Morocco created a craze among hippies. She loved wearing colorful flowing dresses with detailed embroidery.

Modern Version

Nothing has changed much since Getty posed for beautiful photographs in Morocco. Getty is one of the most favorite icons for modern Bohemian fashion. When you search for Bohemian fashion online, you will see a lot of Getty inspirations.

Western Bohemian Style

Ever wondered why some current Bohemian outfits are matched with cowboy boots and ultra mini shorts? Still in the ‘60s, American hippie travelers in Morocco preferred wearing cowboy boots and embroidered skirts. But, when they came across 1950s-style underwear popular in Marrakesh, they decided to wear them like shorts or outside their pants.

Jamie Rosenberg

Modern Version

Denim mini shorts are trendy nowadays, not just with Bohemian fashion. The Western Bohemian style is popular during music festivals. You can mix this style with Getty’s popular fashion statement. You can wear a colorful embroidered blouse or scarf worn over a white top. Then, add the cowboy boots.

Celebrity Bohemian Styles

What I like about celebrities wearing Bohemian fashion is that they mix and match different styles. That’s exactly how you can be more unique. Here are some of my favorite celebs rocking Bohemian style:

Vanessa Hudgens

A sheer flowing dress always works. Do you also notice the bag? Vanessa Hudgens effortlessly mixed Jane Morris and Western Bohemian style.

Blake Lively

This bombshell has a sophisticated and modern way to nail the Bohemian look. Blake Lively wore the usual colors and patterns of some Talitha Getty outfits on her modern-looking trench coat. Instead of cowboy boots, she just resorted to stylish knee-length boots.

Hannah Tietjen

Taylor Swift

This Bohemian outfit of Taylor Swift reminds me of the Parisian peasant style back in the ‘40s. Her modern Western hat and bag still look good with the whole feminine look.

Final Thoughts

As I was reading about Bohemian style, this fashion statement is not just about getting inspiration from a specific ethnic group. It is all about comfort and freedom in wearing whatever you want.

Nifty Lifehacks For Small House: For A Tidy And Spotless Interior

For a super mom like me with a baby, a sleepy-head husband, four furry friends and has a very busy lifestyle with no nanny and a helper, one of the time-consuming tasks I do is to clean our very own home.

We live in a two-story small spaced apartment with storage boxes here and there. Well, that sounds like much of a clutter, I know right?

Normally, I do the general cleaning and laundry on weekends but unfortunately by midweek the mound of fresh and clean laundry is still on our tiny sofa, dirty dishes at rest waiting to be washed and to top it off, flying dog furs are everywhere. Then at the end of the week, it’s a different story. Yes my friend, it is quite an exhausting cycle.

If you inhabit a house, pad or apartment with little space, you know that it’s quite a challenge to keep it spotless and neat comparable to the luxurious ones complete with maids and cleaners. You may ask me, why is that? Simply because smaller space can’t keep up with the growing number of things that you want for your home as well as the pile of dirt and dust that you unconsciously get from the outside world.

Worry no more though since a few ingenious people out there found ways to use common things you normally have at your home as help for you to achieve the cleanliness you long desire. Consider this list as life hacks that somehow cheat what is the norm and create comfort to those who applies.


Put together your bed.

Start your day right by arranging your bed the moment you wake up. Making it as a daily habit will not just help you keep your bedroom neat but also pleasant to the eyes.

Get rid of the glasses and water bottles in your bedside table.

Take away the glasses and water bottles that you used last night and keep your bedside table clutter-free. Make sure to wipe the table to steer clear of the dust.

Keep a mini laundry bag in sight.

Place a mini laundry bag in the corner of your bedroom or inside your closet and always empty it in the morning.

Keep your closet in order.

When you’re in rush, closet disarrangement can happen. To avoid messing up you folded clothes, try to have a glimpse on your closet every morning and if there’s any disarrays, put them back in place. Also, you can search for tips on the internet on how to organize your closet and make it clutter-free.

Place a trash bin.

Keep a small bin in your room for your trash and unnecessary clutter from last night and make it a habit to clean the bin in the morning.

Open the curtains and windows.

Let your room experience the sunlight and fresh air in the morning. It’s a natural way of deodorizing it and it’s always nice to see well-lit bedrooms.

Wipe down surfaces and sweep away the dust.

Get rid of the dust and dirt every morning by wiping off the surfaces and sucking out the corners and the floor using a vacuum.

Vinegar solution to eliminate the bugs.

Make the bugs and other insects stay away from your bedroom by spraying a bit of vinegar on the walls.

Car fresheners to add scent and aroma.

Do you know that car air fresheners can actually make excellent and convenient room deodorizer? It has a long-lasting aroma and there are a lot of scent selections to choose from.

Also, car air fresheners don’t leave unwanted mists compared to sprays. The smell produced by the car freshener is much more concentrated, can be equally distributed and can effectively as well as quickly eliminate bad odors.

Since car air fresheners are designed to be placed on small dashboards, stick on air-conditioning vents, or hanged from the passenger mirror, these deodorizers won’t take too much of the room’s space.

Other than that, in terms of cost, they are quite cost effective and it’s easy to store and last longer than fragrant sprays. Check out a list of best car air freshener put together by peimag.


Wash the dishes right after eating your meals.

Doing the dishes right after you had your meal is an ideal time for everyone. Studies suggest that by the simple act of washing the dirty dishes could actually promote state of mindfulness.

Also, make it a habit to wash used kitchen tools during and after cooking. It will make it a lot easier to clean up after each meal.

Always wipe counter tops and cooking surfaces right after using.

Don’t let the tiny spill of grease or dirt in your kitchen to last for a couple of hours or worse days. Whenever you see one, make sure to clean it right away to avoid stains and discolorations. Remember that everyone loves to cook on a spotless kitchen.

Organize your kitchen equipment accordingly.

Organization is the key in having a spotless kitchen. Put your cooking tools, dishware and ingredients accordingly on the right designated places. In fact, you don’t have to spend a fortune in systematizing your stuff, there are lots of tutorials online on how to organize your kitchen.

Put a trash bin under the kitchen counter.

Have a trash bin under the kitchen counter or anywhere you’d like to place it. Make sure that the rubbish storage is covered.

Furthermore, always empty it by night, after you wash your dishes, to avoid unpleasant smell.

Disinfect as possible.

Do you know that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest spaces in your home? After you’ve done the cooking and cleaning, make sure to spray some disinfectant on the area to eliminate unwanted bacteria and germs.


Mini storage for clutters.

Mini basket for clutters is a must-have in a living room. Before hitting the sack, make sure to pick up the clutters such as books, magazines, toys and other stuff in your leaving room and put them back in place the following morning. By doing so, it will be less hassle to clean your living area.

Get rid of the dust in appliances and furniture.

Don’t wait for the dirt and dust to accumulate in your appliances and furniture. By making a habit of wiping the dust off, it will be easy for you to clean up.


Storage for bathrooms.

It’s always a nice feeling to relax and take a warm shower in an organized and tidy bathroom. In small homes, it is quite expected that the bathroom space is also just enough. However, you can utilize every space in your bathroom for storage. You can have wall-hanging baskets or even a small shelf to organize your things. Moreover, there are countless ways in organizing your bathroom belongings.

Keep the disinfectant and cleansing powder in sight.

Just like the tips mentioned in the keeping your kitchen clean, it is also important to do such thing in your bathroom.

Wipe off the counters and sink with a bit of cleansing powder once a day. And clean the toilet area at least twice a week.

Also, disinfect as much as possible.

Keep the fallen hair off the drain.

After taking a shower, it won’t hurt to pick up the fallen hair off the drain. Don’t wait for it to accumulate and start causing floor drain clogs.

Trash bin in place.

Place a trash bin under the sink or in the corner of the bathroom. Make sure to empty it every morning.

Deodorize to eliminate odor.

Put a deodorizer or freshener inside your bathroom to eliminate unwanted odors.


Baskets for dirty and fresh laundry.

As you transfer the dirty clothes from your room into the laundry area, make it a daily routine to separate the white clothes, colored ones, underwear and pants. By doing so, you won’t be having a hard time sorting out clothes in doing your laundry. Moreover, get a separate basket for your clean clothes.

Organize your laundry essentials.

Just like most of the things on the other sections of your home, keep your laundry materials organized.


Organize your cleaning supplies and put it under the sink or any storage that you find convenient.

• Always keep a baking soda, vinegar and lemon in hand for future use in hard to remove stains and dirt. Its an inexpensive and natural way of cleaning.


  • Find a tiny space in your house and transform it into storage. It is essential for organizing your cleaning supplies and other tools. 
  • Place a space-saving vertical containers for tissue rolls and door-hanging racks for sprays, disinfectants, detergent, etc.

  • Screw some hooks for the floor mops, feather dusters, hand towels and dust pans.

  • For people who have lots of empty boxes, fold to flatten them. Keep your boxes for future use.


For those who are living with pets:

Use a vacuum or lint roller to swiftly get the pet hair off all your furniture.
• Bathe your pets twice or thrice a week to avoid unwanted smell and hair dander.
• Make a storage space for your pets’ stuff and food.
• Practice discipline on your pets to avoid clutters from chewing books, wires or even sofas.

Final Thoughts…

To sum it up, here are the things you should keep in mind:

1. Clean as you go.
2. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff because it will only add to the clutter.
3. Choose space-saving furniture.
4. Make use of the multifunctional storage pieces for organizing.
5. Allocate a day each week as your deep-cleaning day.

Is it always pleasurable to live in a neat and tidy home, no matter how small or large it is. If you’ll follow the tips and tricks that were listed above, definitely, you won’t be having problems in keeping your home spotless.

As for myself, I’ll keep those smart hacks in mind make it a daily habit.

Rustic Home Interiors: Must-Try Classy Decors

In designing your own home, a lot of styles and inspirations can be drawn out from home style magazines and the internet. Most of the styles featured on the prints and TV are following a certain motif and genre and usually needs every components inside the house to jive in. And since most of it are done by a schooled interior designer or a software, most spaces or furniture are standard and commercially available.

These spaces and home decors are of course beautiful and of top of the line. When you buy one or a set, it is sure that you won’t be regretting your decision. However, the décors you chose are actually just a copy of a mass produced one thereby making the interior design of your home not that unique. If you’re the type of person who always wants to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, conforming to the best-sellers is definitely a no-no. In these times, you can never find something out from a store that only you can have. Somewhere or sometime, another one of the exact same type will be available for the next buyer and you won’t have a say about it.

The only way for your home to be unique is to create your own décors, do-it-yourself style. Since the trend nowadays is going modern, having a rustic style décor that you made from your own hands could never be more unique than what you imagine you’ll have. Get ready to get dirty and sweaty because you have a job to do to satisfy your hunger for new and unique things. We have just the right things for you today so check it out!

Wood Pallet Coffee Table

The majority of the clutters you’ll find in your storage or outside your house are excess stashed wood pallets. Most of us are having a hard time sorting out and keeping those pallets because they’re space consuming and dust-holders.

However, you can make use of you old pallets and transform them into something useful and resourceful, just like this rustic pallet coffee table.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• hammer
• screw
• driller
• sand paper
• miter saw
• varnish solution
How to do it:
1. Remove dust and other foreign materials off the pallets.
2. Detach the boards that were perpendicular hammered on the pallets.
3. Make use of the removed boards as frame support for the table. Make two table frames for the top and bottom.
4. If there are excess in lengths, cut them off.
5. Start to screw the boards down.
6. Cut the table legs to you desired height. And then, screw them into bottom pallet.
7. Sand the table.
8. After doing so, paint some varnish on it. Let it dry completely.
9. Once dried, put the top pallet onto bottom and join the two.

And there you go! You have your rustic look coffee table ready! Quite easy, right? You just have to exert extra effort for this one, an excellent way to exercise your muscles.

Table Suitcase

Are you a hoarder of suitcases? Guess what, you can make use of your old suitcases and transform them into something useful and decorative, like a table suitcase. By doing so, you won’t be having any problems in storing your used luggage and at the same time, you’re making a storage that can be helpful in organizing your stuff.

Tools and Materials:
• old suitcase
• four table legs
• 4 wing nuts
• 8 flat washers
• Power drill
• paint of your desired color
• paint brush
• yard stick
• measuring tape
• fine pointed marker or pen
How to do it:
1. Using a measuring tool, lay flat your suitcase and measure and mark where you want to put the table legs.
2. Make holes at the marks you made using a power drill.
3. Paint the four table legs of your desired color and let them dry completely.
4. Put the flat washer on each leg.
5. Once dried up, attach the four table legs on the holes you made on the suitcase.
6. Place another flat washer over each hole in your suitcase.
7. Tighten and lock the table legs using a wing nut for each.

Voila! You already have a classic table suitcase. You can put books on the inside and place other stuff on the top of it.

Typographic Wall- Hanging Frame

Do you want to bring some life into your plain walls without spending too much? Well fellas, jazz up your boring walls with this classy and rustic styled wall-hanging frame décor from scrap wood pallets! Surely, this ingeniously stunning décor is an eye-candy for you and your visitors.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• miter saw
• hammer
• nails
• measuring tape
• sand paper
• contact paper
• wood glue
• pre-wood-conditioner
• stain
• craft paint (Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic paint)
• paint (darker shade)
How to do it:
1. Wipe the wood pallets with clean cloth to remove dirt and dust.
2. To make the pallet frame, with your miter saw, cut the pallet strips to your desired size of the frame décor. (This one has 2 @ 26” and 2 @ 32”).

3. Attach the edges of the frame using the wood glue and link them together with nails.
4. Cut 22 pallet strips leaving an inch of allowance for both sides. (This has 22 cut strips at 28”.)
5. Nail down he strips on the sides of the frame. Use a coin or any material that you find convenient in guiding you to achieve equal spaces.

6. After nailing the 22 pallet strips, smear the façade with pre-wood conditioner.
7. Moving forward, stain it with dark shade paint for a more rustic aura. Then let it dry overnight.
8. In a contact paper, cut out your chosen texts for the décor.
9. Transfer the contact paper to the pallet art and press it down to stick it well.
10. Using the Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic tint, paint the letters evenly. And then, remove the contact paper carefully to reveal the stencil’s appearance.

11. One the paint dries up, smoothen the edges of the wood slats before hanging the frame on you wall.

See that? It may look complicated but it is certainly easy to do! Just be careful in using the tools though to avoid injuries.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelf is one of the ingenious ways of utilizing your old ladder and wood planks. Aside from its easy and creative, it offers a lot of storage spaces for small stuff like vases, books, and picture frames.

Tools and Materials:
• old double-sided ladder
• wood planks
• mitter saw
• wood glue
• screw
• power drill
• measuring steel tape
• paint
• sand paper
How to do it:
1. Take the dust off on your ladder and wood planks.
2. Measure the planks basing on the ladder’s width, so it will fit on each step.
3. Cut the measured planks.
4. Place the planks on each steps of the ladder.
5. Measure each length of the planks from top to bottom. The shelf should be triangular in front view.
6. After measuring the length of the planks, cut them and smoothen the edges with the use of sand paper.
7. Attach the planks to the steps of the ladder using wood glue.
8. Affix the planks on the steps by using screws and power drill.
9. You may paint the ladder shelf or you can leave it as is.

There you go! You can then use the shelf for organizing your stuff! The good thing about this shelf is the less demand in space and the bottom where it is situated can be easily cleaned.

Wood Planter Box

If you’re a fan of indoor gardens, then this rustic wood planter box fits you well! Buying planter boxes and pots can be costly, especially when you have lots of seedlings in hand. So instead of buying one from commercial stores, you can actually make one from the old forgotten wood planks in your storage space.

Tools and Materials:
• old wood planks
• power drill
• miter saw
• L-brackets
• Screws
• Hammer
How to do it:
1. Cut three equally measured pieces of you wood planks for the sides and base of the planter.
2. Make another cut for the two ends of the planter. Make sure that both will fit.
3. With your drill, screw in the L brackets on the edges of the planter box.

And it’s done! You can add the soil and any plants on the wood planter box. If you want the planter box on the inside of your house, you can smear some paint or varnish mixture on it.

Rustic Rope Frame

The rustic rope frame is one of great and inexpensive ways to personalize your interior decors. It is very easy to do, in fact you can do this with your kids—for sure they’ll love to make one.

Tools and Materials:
• inexpensive frame or old frame with wide border
• jute rope
• glue sticks
• glue gun
How to do it:
1. Using your hot glue, start attaching the jute rope on the inside corner of the frame.
2. Put the rope along the melted glue and press it down and allow it to dry for a moment.
3. Repeat the entire process in a spiral direction until all sides of the frame border are wrapped with ropes.

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

If you have a rustic themed house, then these mason jar wall lanterns suits perfectly for it. It doesn’t just beautify your interior but also it gives a romantic touch to the surroundings.

Tools and Materials:
• 5 1/2″ x 16″ wood planks
• 4″ plant hanger hooks
• two mason jars
• awl or nail punch tool
• dark walnut wood stain
• candles
• small stones
• heavy duty twine
• smalltooth steel hangers
How to do it:
For the wood planks:
1. Create a “beat up” effect on your wood planks. Or if you have an old rustic-look wood plank, leave it as it is.
2. Coat the wood with Dark Walnut stain and let it dry overnight.
3. Put the hooks and then install the BACK sawtooth hanger hardware first to your desired measurement on the planks.
4. Afterwards, mount the hooks to the front of the planks.
For the lantern:
1. Make two opposing holes on the top of your mason jars.
2. Cut enough twine to make a double layer of it into each hole and tie it twice tightly on the bottom of the Mason jar cover. The length of the twine varies on the size of the plank and the jars.
3. Fill the Mason jars with the stones and bury the candles on top of the rock bed.
4. Using a nail, hang each plank on the wall and then hang the decorated Mason jars.

Your mason jar wall lanterns is ready for everyone to see! However, please keep in mind that if you’re planning to light up the candles, use metallic wires for hanging.

Driftwood Mirror

In a bedroom, shower room or even in the living area, one thing that will always catch a person’s attention is the mirror. However, isn’t it dreary to look at yourself in a plain mirror every single day?I bet, it is.

Why don’t you revamp you mirror with some rustic material? A driftwood perhaps. Definitely, you’re every day trip in the front of the mirror will not be the same as it was before. Trust me, good mirrors can improve your looks too!

Tools and Materials:
• driftwood
• clean mirror
• 2” painters tape
• glue sticks
• glue gun
• measuring tool
How to do it:
1. With you measuring tool, measure a distance of 4 inches from the edge of mirror’s frame, going inwards. Mark the measured distances.
2. Tape the measured gaps using the 2” painters adhesive tape.
3. Fill the 4 inches distance with driftwood and glue gun. Until all edges are filled with it.

It’s amazing to know that you can actually create a very stunning mirror out of scraps in a very short period of time. Perhaps, you can try it too!

There you go folks! I am truly hoping that these Do-It-Yourself exquisite rustic decors will inspire you of making one. Always remember that when you’re planning of jazzing up your home interiors,before hitting the nearest shop mart, learn to explore and inspect you surroundings first and maybe, you will able to find any fine materials that you can actually utilize and transform into something new. By doing such, you are not just saving, you are also recycling!