Money-Saving Tips and Ideas For Weddings

Marriage is supposedly the union of two strangers who managed to find each other and grew fond of each other after being together for quite some time. The ceremony is a celebration of love and commitment yet, during these times, it has demanded much more than that. Marriage is now sadly and undeniably, a booming industry—a good business opportunity.

When my husband and I got married, we spent almost all of our savings which we hardly earned for a year. The wedding honestly exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Having to prepare and look for suppliers on our own made the preparations much more challenging though fun. The wedding day was like a dream come true for the both of us yet somehow it was very tiring. Lastly, when everything settled down and when we decided to compute our total spending from preparation to the wedding day down to the last minute add-ons, what we found out was really life changing. Life changing in the sense that we never spend that much money our entire lives combine. However, even with the eye-popping expenditures, my husband and I never regretted a thing. For the both of us, that wedding is what we plan and what we readied ourselves for the longest time so both of us deserved to have that kind of wedding.

For all the couples out there who are planning to have their own dream wedding, heed our warning and read this post before anything else. We have useful tips for you that may help alleviate the expenditures for your weddings. These tips are based on 1st hand experiences of couples just like us, who have been there and could have done better. So, check these out guys.

Invitation Cards


Invitation cards don’t have to be expensive because after the wedding, those invitations will only go to scrap. The most important thing is that these cards reached its recipients, especially the sponsors and the entourage weeks before the wedding to allow these people to prepare or deny the invitation way ahead of time.

Making your own invitation cards will surely aid you in saving a lot of money. Besides, crafting one doesn’t demand for special skills, all you need is a good printer, paper cutter and a couple of stationeries.



For the paper. Find cheap yet fine quality stationery. If you’re opting for a classic look, I suggest that you go for plain ones, because sometimes elaborate designs on stationery steal the content’s limelight and they can be costly too. If you want accents for your invitation papers, you can make them using your computers’ software or you can even find a template over the internet and have them printed.

For the content. Invitation cards don’t have to embrace all the details for your special day. Just put your names, the date and time, venue and the wedding motif – that’s the key information that your guests need to know.

For the content’s design and font, you can make your own or grab a template which is available online. Always ensure to highlight you and your partner’s name by having a bigger font size and different font style, then the rest can be the same.

To save up stationery, don’t hesitate to have your invitation printed back-to-back, as long as it doesn’t look congested then its fine. Furthermore, it’s much easier to distribute single invitation cards and definitely much cheaper when shipped.

For the Seal. You can assemble your invitation cards by envelope, twine or ribbons. To avoid spending much for envelopes, you can always do it on your own.

Floral Arrangements

The bouquets are one of the priciest necessities in weddings. Hiring a florist to arrange all bouquets and floral stands in venues definitely provide you stunning and breathtaking floral arrangement but with a very high price.

On the other hand, you can save as much if you’re going to do your flower decorations (a help from good friends would mean a lot though). Below are some ideas to enlighten you.

Save yourself from lavish flowers. It is undeniable that some of the in demand wedding flowers is too costly. To tell the truth, couples particularly the bride-to-be becomes blinded by price when shown to astonishing bouquet with dazzling flowers.

On the contrary, there are many low-priced varieties of flowers that look as good as the lavish ones. When you have the right assembly and combinations that compliment each kind, coming up with an eye-catching centerpiece is certainly manageable.

Make use of foliage. Foliage in bouquet is the new trend for wedding flower arrangements nowadays. It’s inexpensive and definitely adds volume and texture to bouquets.

Moreover, with foliage, you’ll spend less on flowers. Absolutely, it will be a wise choice for couples who want to save a lot.

Creative DIY flowers. If you’re an outgoing couple, DIY wedding flowers suit you best. It’s fun and ingenious in all ways.

Furthermore, you can certainly play with your favorite colors and floral shapes with this kind of floral bouquet.

Don’t invest a lot for table’s floral centerpieces. Another thing to consider in flower arrangements is the table centerpieces. For couples and wedding enthusiasts, flower décors on tables is a must-have. It doesn’t only revamp the venue but also it adds drama and romance to the celebration.

Floral assemblies in tables don’t have to be large and overwhelming to steal the attention of the diners. In fact, a tall vase with a couple of flowers of different heights will be great.


As much as possible, choose a venue that doesn’t require much décor – outdoor locations with gardens or foliage perhaps is an excellent example.

Venue for wedding ceremonies and reception don’t have to be full of decors. When the place is besieged with many decorative materials, you’re giving the spotlight to the venue which is supposedly for the newlyweds. The technique for having a refined venue is to keep it simple and classy, just like the old saying goes “Less is more.”

Tip: Pick an off-peak day for your wedding to avoid pricey venue fees.

Bridal Attire

Choosing the bride’s wedding apparel is one of the most expensive and nerve-wracking phase in all of wedding preparations. In these times, a bride-to-be can instantaneously transform from being a naturally sweet gal to super excited and to stressed bridezilla.

Buy the wedding attire ahead of time. To avoid hustle and rush fees, ordering your gown at the first phase of wedding planning is recommendable. By doing so, it is more convenient for possible alterations such as neckline change, size adjustment, etc.

Refrain yourself in buying new jewelries. You don’t have to buy new jewelries for you to look glam and posh. There are many high-end jewelry shops that offer rentals. On the other hand, you can always use your old jewelries, as long as it feels and looks good.

Photo and Video Documentation

Aside from instilled memories, photos and videos will always be there to remind you of how magical your wedding was. However, not all couples can afford decent photographers without spending a fortune. In times like this, don’t hesitate to call your friends and ask if they are acquainted with a pro that does weddings part time – if a photographer has other sources of earnings, he can generally afford to charge less fees.

Likewise, in terms of packages, choose the less-expensive deal that doesn’t include printed copies and albums but gives soft copies which you can print and layout after the wedding.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors is the most flexible stuff in weddings. You can have usable things, food, artwork crafts and anything you can think of under the sun.

Also, you don’t have to give wedding favors to all of your guests. Set a limit on the quantity that you’re going to have.


To cut staffing expenditures, consider having a buffet on your wedding reception. Compared to a per head plated dinner, in buffet, you can absolutely save a lot as well as you get more food for the total amount that you disburse.

If you’re planning to serve booze during your reception, do not be deceived by the add-on packages for open bars or cocktails because that will spell more expenditures on your part. Instead of serving expensive alcohol drinks or spirits, better to serve bucket loads of beer or gin. These kinds of drinks are far less expensive and are more favored by your guests.

For sure, there will be children on your wedding and they too are expected to eat during the reception. If you have a good idea on how many kids will be attending, better to ask the caterers if they do discounts on kiddie portions. You may never know and if you are lucky, the discount will be a cut off from your original budget for food.

Wedding Cake and Desserts

The wedding cake is definitely one of the highlights of a wedding and most of your guests are actually looking forward to the design of the cake. Wedding cakes have standard design components which are almost a must. These components are the iced ribbons, blossoms, buttercream, and multiple layers. A perfect wedding cake would definitely add more magic to the wedding reception and to everyone’s memories. However, getting a perfect wedding cake will also mean being ready to spend a lot for it especially nowadays wherein baking is considered one of the most in-demand professions.

If you go for inexpensive wedding cake, invest on small couture cakes. Have a small two to three tiered, less decorated wedding cake for you and your guests to indulge with. Choose a plain and simple butter cream cake and topped it with fresh flowers, fruits and other personalized topper.

For desserts, have them in small slices and portions.


If you have musically inclined friends, you can always ask them to do the music arrangements on your wedding day. Moreover, you can also hire graduate-student musicians to play, they are certainly costs less than the pros.

And finally, when people offer to help, let them!

Never Underestimate the Power of Swimming Goggles

It may sound like a shock to you, but I’m a wife and mother who is currently taking swimming lessons. I know – why so late? Well, I never thought I would need it until my baby was born. I kept thinking lately that I would miss a lot of fun as a parent because I couldn’t teach my own child how to swim.

In one of my swimming classes, my coach reminded us that swimming is essential for safety in the water. I regret not taking that idea seriously in the past since I’ve always been too optimistic about travel. The push I need all along is to have fun with my child when she finally knows how to swim a few years from now. Thank goodness she is still a baby, giving me more time in learning how to swim.

My Coach and His Passion for Swimming Goggles

The first time I joined my coach’s swimming class, I forgot to bring swimming goggles. His website made it clear to bring a pair, but I still attended the class because, well, it’s just swimming goggles! Despite being younger than me, my coach still told me that I shouldn’t have forgotten my goggles. I realized it later when I kept rubbing water out of my eyes every time I emerged from the surface. I found it hard to process the lessons because of the whole eye-rubbing thing.

After the class, my coach came up to me and gave me tips on purchasing swimming goggles. He had no idea that I already bought one. I really just forgot to bring it. But, my coach still continued to explain that in purchasing goggles, I must test the suction. I just have to stick the goggles without the straps as a test. If the goggles stayed on my skin for a while, then these goggles have very good suction. Good suction doesn’t need a tight strap anymore, he said.


I found his tips interesting, especially the suction thing. But, as I said before, I already bought one. So, there’s nothing left to do but bring the goggles I purchased next time. Besides, who in the right mind would sell goggles that would let water gush through? That’s why I just picked the first durable-looking pair of goggles I saw and took it to the counter for purchase. I thought as long as my eyes would stay clear from water, then my goggles are fine.

The Incident

Boy, I was so wrong with underestimating swimming goggles. I realized in the second session that my new pet peeve is water entering the goggles while swimming. It was so irritating to try my best in adjusting the straps but end up having water all over my eyes. I even adjusted the straps until my eyes were on the verge of popping out of their sockets. Still, water kept entering my goggles.

Again, my coach approached me and asked if I remembered every tip he said the previous session. I admitted that I ignored his tips since I already bought a pair that time. This time, however, my coach insisted that I should buy a new pair or I wouldn’t absorb all his future lessons because of distractions.

Wow, There’s Really a Lot to Learn about Goggles!

My classes are scheduled once a week, so I still had time to purchase new swimming goggles before the third class. But, I researched a lot before purchase to avoid further regrets.

My research was totally worth it! I finally bought the perfect goggles. It didn’t matter if the pair was more expensive than the first. The most important thing was that my third class until the latest one went smoothly for me because of my high-quality goggles. Now, I don’t want other people to experience all the inconveniences that happened to me. Misfit goggles are definitely a waste of money. Avoid the wrong purchase with these tips:

Remember my coach’s tips.

Yup, everything he said to me was right. I found several sources online indicating the tips he stated. Remember, test the goggles first before purchase by letting the suction stick to your skin for a few seconds without straps. In my case, the goggles I bought stayed on my skin for 2 seconds. It worked better with straps, proven by how smooth my third session went.

The suction focuses on stopping water from entering your eyes. Good suction contributes to comfort because you don’t have to tighten the strap too much.

Following this tip is kind of tricky when the goggles are purchased online. You can find a seller who offers a full refund if the goggles don’t fit. But, it can surely be a hassle. To avoid this, then you really have to make a quick sacrifice and go to an actual store.

Choose the right color and quality of lens.

My coach never explained to me why swimming goggles available in the market have different colors. Good thing I managed to learn all about it online.

First things first, it is practical to purchase goggles that have UV protection and anti-fog coating. You might not need UV protection in an indoor pool but once you need goggles in some outdoor activities, then spend your money on just one high-quality pair.

Now, for the most common lens colors:

Mirrored: Lessens glare and brightness, perfect for outdoor swimming pools and beaches.

Blue: Filters light to a moderate level and protects eyes from glare, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Amber: Brightens vision in low light and lessens glare from the sunlight, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Smoke: Reduces overall light transmission, perfect for outdoor activities.

Lilac: Improves contrast of objects in the water, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Clear: Clears vision in low light environments, perfect for indoor pools.

I bought swimming goggles with amber lens. The pair looks so feminine yet sporty at the same time. Okay, you got me – I love the color yellow!

Provide comfort for your nose as well.

People mistakenly prioritize eye comfort when it comes to swimming goggles. In fact, tight and loose goggles can both irritate the nose. Tight goggles pinch the nose’s sensitive skin resulting to a reddish aftereffect. Loose ones, on the other hand, rubs the nose’s skin harshly, leading to rash. There are goggles with an adjustable nose bridge. So, make sure to buy one just like that.

Take advantage of the new thing – split straps!

New designs of goggles usually have the split strap. This type of strap is better at securing the goggles in just one place. If you like diving and speed-swimming, then buy a pair of goggles with a split strap.


Final Thoughts

Swimming is a nice way to bond with family and friends. I was contented just sitting on the beach or pool lounge chair whenever I was taking a vacation with my parents and siblings. But now that I have a baby, I want to make memories with her such as teaching her what I’ve learned in my swimming classes. I can’t wait to buy her those cute swimming goggles for kids!