Home Rejuvenation: Decorating With Plants

Decorating your home could be a tough job, one that you never expect for a just a controlled space. A lot of activities and things are required to achieve the theme and design you have in mind. First to consider are the partitions and spaces inside your home. The partitions and sections define the flow of traffic and intensity of entry of sunlight and air. Furniture and appliances are also two of the crucial things you need to consider. More than its function, these solid things take up space and sometimes contribute to the pollution inside your homes.

When you already have all these things in place, you may notice one thing that’s missing that makes the beautiful house into a livable home and that is the touch of nature. Plants add the “green factor” inside every home. Not only that they are great for corner decors, plants act as your natural deodorizers and air purifiers. A home with indoor plants will always smell fresh and relaxing, which a home is supposed to be like.

To guide everyone on what plants are the best choices to be placed indoors, here we have a short list that will definitely give you a run for your money and effort.


Peace Lilies, also known as closet plants, are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants because they are easy to grow, resilient and they have least handling demands. This evergreen perennial plant was included on the NASA’s list of Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.

In line with sun exposure, like many well-liked indoor plants, peace lilies require minimum indirect sunlight, they blossom even in indoor temperatures and they often enjoy the shade. If you’re opting for more flowers from this plant, you can place them near the windows for them to acquire enough rays from the sun. Otherwise, you can have them on shaded part of your home for a more conventional foliage plant.

On the other hand, peace lilies are drought tolerant; they can thrive with minimal watering rather than overwatering. In fact, a peace lily can survive for a week without water, as long as its bed is moist enough. Dry soil in peace lilies signifies their need to be watered.

Furthermore, this perennial plant doesn’t call for regular fertilizing; once or twice in a year is enough for them to flourish.


Chinese Money Plant, also called as Missionary Plant or Pancake Plant, is a hardy white and pink flowering plant that is succulent and evergreen. Another perennial plant that also enjoys the indoors.

Just like Peace Lilies, the Chinese Money Plant prefer a partially shaded portion of every indoors and will definitely grow well on a window ledge with minimal sunlight exposure. This evergreen perennial do well in a well-drained soil but it can be planted on any kinds of soil as long as it is free draining.

Furthermore, having a Chinese Money Plant is a trouble free task since it is generally easy to grow and the only care that it requires is constant watering during summer. In wet seasons, a drench and dry approach is ideal. Fertilizers are also preferable every 2-3 weeks.

This plant doesn’t need to have an elaborately decorated pot since the soft rounded green leaves alone create a dramatic impression.


Generally, Phalaenopsis Orchids have a negative reputation as being fastidious and tricky to grow, however, these assumptions are the total opposite.

Phalaenopsis Orchids are perfect decorative plants for homes because they are easy to grow, require minimal light and will definitely bloom on shaded areas. On the contrary of the conventional ways of raising orchids, Phalaenopsis don’t really need direct sunlight because exposing them to immense heat will cause scorching. A well drown Phalaenopsis will have a darker green shade of leaves as well as bands of burgundy on the undersides.

What you need to take note is that the plant needs constant slightly damped potting because it has a minimal tolerance for drought, hence weekly watering is greatly recommended. Moreover, fertilizers are preferable weekly, but during winter and flowering season, you can cut fertilizer application to once a month.

Also, one good reason to have Phalaenopsis Orchids indoors is its capability to absorb a toxin that’s found in glues and paints known as xylene. Aside from giving off oxygen, they also purify the indoor air.

This indoor orchid is one of the plants where you can say that your decision is worth it. With the right condition, not for the needy, this plant will surely give you the blooms you want inside your homes.


Palms are enduring and lasting houseplants that are certainly easy to cultivate and widely known to be natural air purifiers – they get rid off benzene, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide.

Palm plants can be a luxurious preference of plant for the indoors compared to other kinds. Even so, they really do spruce up the appearance and bring a serene, tropical yet modernly feel in living rooms, greenhouses and other rooms within a house as well as offices.

Conversely, unlike any other hardy plants mentioned above, Palms call for a moderately balance of moisture, light, fertilizer and heat for them to thrive. Though this plant requires adequate light and heat, they don’t really prefer to be near the heat source. Moreover, the soil bed for palms should be well drained yet moist.

There are lots of varieties of indoor Palms to choose from, so selection is not a problem for homeowners. Commitment and patience on growing them is greatly considered.


The Aloe Plant, or widely known as Aloe Vera, is a great houseplant choice. Aside from beautifying your indoor space and purifying the air, Aloe plants are beneficial when you utilize the juice coming from its leaves. It has the capability to relieve scrapes and burns’ pain as well as it can be a beauty regimen’s ingredient – refreshing face mask and promotes hair volume.

Aloes can thrive on well-draining container that is placed on areas with indirect sunlight or even on artificial light. Also, minimal watering is preferable.

Furthermore, with proper handling and care, Aloe plants can easily produce plantlets that can be detached to make an entirely new plant.

5 Fun and Sweet Tips to Jazz Up Your Busy Marriage

Society has changed a lot ever since people started living in communities and building cities. Unlike the world before wherein the women were more like home buddies and were only expected to take do household chores and take care of the kids, nowadays, both sexes compete in the same rat race.

Successful couples at these times do not always equate to happy ones. In fact, most of the well-earned couples that I know rarely get to spend quality moment with their spouses because both of their careers compete with their own personal times. Though money is coming in steadily, securing the future of the family, intimacy and romance are the ones that are slowly lost. This is not a good sign at all.

Showing love and affection is very essential to couples. Constant reminding of each other of why they chose each other in the first place is the real key to a happy and long lasting relationship, and not money. Considering the very hectic and fast paced world that we currently living in today, romantic gestures towards your filial partner became the most difficult thing to do. So, love experts out there come up with simple reminders and tips on how to keep the fires burning between husbands and wives. These simple activities and efforts go hundreds of miles in terms of results that aim to strengthen and maintain the longing between man and woman of the family.

Everyone one of us were created romantics and are destined to be loved yet somehow along the way, we tend to prioritize other trivial things to get us by. However, with the help of this tips, we believe that in the end, love will still conquers all.

Give some brief yet sweet messages to brighten up the day.

Writing a short yet romantic note for your spouse is one of the fun ways to kick start the day. Expressing gratitude and love is essential for every couple to bridge the gap caused by the hectic day-to-day schedule.

Have the daily dose of saccharine for your better behalf written in post-it paper and stick it on the very first thing that your partner grabs each morning such as coffee mug, alarm clock, cell phone, wrist watch or in any place that she can automatically see it.

Moreover, you can do it cleverly by adding extra “sweetness” on her breakfast. Let your partner indulge the delightful and scrumptious meal that will not only make her stomach full but also flatter her heart.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any time doing such, you can still send some love thru mobile memo note or even a text message. It might sound simple and cliché but this gesture is more than enough to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. After all, it’s the little things that count.

Surprise her without occasions.

Planning and giving surprises isn’t only intended for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and any other special occasions. If you’re married and want to keep your career on top, everything may seem like dreary, dull and monotonous not only for you but also for your partner. Just like what you did in your courting stage, surprising and giving something exciting to your spouse can really bring new colors and pleasure to your relationship. Show your love and admiration to your beloved by giving a “just because” present without her expecting.

Below is a list of surprises that you can actually do despite of having a busy schedule:

1. Slip a luscious chocolate inside her purse before you head to work.
2. Have a bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to her workplace; include a brief and inspiring message too.
3. Send her an astonishing email comprising pictures of her that she didn’t even knew they existed, with a motivational message of course.
4. Make use of the restaurant deliveries and have her comfort food delivered at her office. It’s a romantic way of letting her know that you want to assure her that you think of her while you’re having your meal separately. However, if you can squeeze just a little time out of your hectic schedule, pay a visit to her office and eat your lunch together.
5. Buy a greeting card and place it on the dashboard of her car or have someone in her work place to place the card on her table.
6. Set up a salon visit, nail spa treatment, massage, or other pampering type appointment for your spouse on her non-working day. It is a great way of making her feel relaxed and valued.
7. Think of something significant from “the old days” that both of you used to do mutually and reinvent it.

Small yet constant surprises re-enforce intimacy, connections, and satisfaction within the couple. These thoughtful gestures are sure-fire flints to keep the love burning on both lovers’ eyes. Definitely, any surprise that’s random and unexpected brings a thrill.

Change her alarm with your recorded voice.

It may sound silly yet definitely romantic. Surely, your voice is the very first thing that your spouse wants to hear upon waking up. Get rid of those traditional alarm tones and have your recorded voice annoy her in a passionate way.

Have fun with riddles and simply be kids again.

Guessing riddles is not only for kids, even adults can make a fun out of it. In fact, just like kids, adults need an ample amount of time to answer it. Surely, riddles can be entertaining for couples who spend most of their time away from each other.

Before going to work, give a riddle for your partner and give her the whole day to come up with a guess. To add drama and excitement, the loser will do something that the winner wants – it may be cleaning the dishes, cooking and even intimate things.

The teasing, clues, and small chitchats maintains the communication between couples even if they are separated by priorities and proximity. We all know that communication is a key ingredient to everlasting and understanding union.

Plan a quality time beforehand.

If both of you used to have a custom activity, that doesn’t need to stop and having a busy lifestyle is not a hindrance at all. Find a convenient time for the both of you to relax and enjoy each others’ company.

There will always be ways for each of you to allot enough time for each other which actually wont hinder the both of you to still excel from your career and other passion. Make use of those chances and spend it wisely with your partner because the ultimate goal in life is not how many work days you earned but being with each other’s arms at the end of the day, happy and fulfilled.

Nifty Lifehacks For Small House: For A Tidy And Spotless Interior

For a super mom like me with a baby, a sleepy-head husband, four furry friends and has a very busy lifestyle with no nanny and a helper, one of the time-consuming tasks I do is to clean our very own home.

We live in a two-story small spaced apartment with storage boxes here and there. Well, that sounds like much of a clutter, I know right?

Normally, I do the general cleaning and laundry on weekends but unfortunately by midweek the mound of fresh and clean laundry is still on our tiny sofa, dirty dishes at rest waiting to be washed and to top it off, flying dog furs are everywhere. Then at the end of the week, it’s a different story. Yes my friend, it is quite an exhausting cycle.

If you inhabit a house, pad or apartment with little space, you know that it’s quite a challenge to keep it spotless and neat comparable to the luxurious ones complete with maids and cleaners. You may ask me, why is that? Simply because smaller space can’t keep up with the growing number of things that you want for your home as well as the pile of dirt and dust that you unconsciously get from the outside world.

Worry no more though since a few ingenious people out there found ways to use common things you normally have at your home as help for you to achieve the cleanliness you long desire. Consider this list as life hacks that somehow cheat what is the norm and create comfort to those who applies.


Put together your bed.

Start your day right by arranging your bed the moment you wake up. Making it as a daily habit will not just help you keep your bedroom neat but also pleasant to the eyes.

Get rid of the glasses and water bottles in your bedside table.

Take away the glasses and water bottles that you used last night and keep your bedside table clutter-free. Make sure to wipe the table to steer clear of the dust.

Keep a mini laundry bag in sight.

Place a mini laundry bag in the corner of your bedroom or inside your closet and always empty it in the morning.

Keep your closet in order.

When you’re in rush, closet disarrangement can happen. To avoid messing up you folded clothes, try to have a glimpse on your closet every morning and if there’s any disarrays, put them back in place. Also, you can search for tips on the internet on how to organize your closet and make it clutter-free.

Place a trash bin.

Keep a small bin in your room for your trash and unnecessary clutter from last night and make it a habit to clean the bin in the morning.

Open the curtains and windows.

Let your room experience the sunlight and fresh air in the morning. It’s a natural way of deodorizing it and it’s always nice to see well-lit bedrooms.

Wipe down surfaces and sweep away the dust.

Get rid of the dust and dirt every morning by wiping off the surfaces and sucking out the corners and the floor using a vacuum.

Vinegar solution to eliminate the bugs.

Make the bugs and other insects stay away from your bedroom by spraying a bit of vinegar on the walls.

Car fresheners to add scent and aroma.

Do you know that car air fresheners can actually make excellent and convenient room deodorizer? It has a long-lasting aroma and there are a lot of scent selections to choose from.

Also, car air fresheners don’t leave unwanted mists compared to sprays. The smell produced by the car freshener is much more concentrated, can be equally distributed and can effectively as well as quickly eliminate bad odors.

Since car air fresheners are designed to be placed on small dashboards, stick on air-conditioning vents, or hanged from the passenger mirror, these deodorizers won’t take too much of the room’s space.

Other than that, in terms of cost, they are quite cost effective and it’s easy to store and last longer than fragrant sprays. Check out a list of best car air freshener put together by peimag.


Wash the dishes right after eating your meals.

Doing the dishes right after you had your meal is an ideal time for everyone. Studies suggest that by the simple act of washing the dirty dishes could actually promote state of mindfulness.

Also, make it a habit to wash used kitchen tools during and after cooking. It will make it a lot easier to clean up after each meal.

Always wipe counter tops and cooking surfaces right after using.

Don’t let the tiny spill of grease or dirt in your kitchen to last for a couple of hours or worse days. Whenever you see one, make sure to clean it right away to avoid stains and discolorations. Remember that everyone loves to cook on a spotless kitchen.

Organize your kitchen equipment accordingly.

Organization is the key in having a spotless kitchen. Put your cooking tools, dishware and ingredients accordingly on the right designated places. In fact, you don’t have to spend a fortune in systematizing your stuff, there are lots of tutorials online on how to organize your kitchen.

Put a trash bin under the kitchen counter.

Have a trash bin under the kitchen counter or anywhere you’d like to place it. Make sure that the rubbish storage is covered.

Furthermore, always empty it by night, after you wash your dishes, to avoid unpleasant smell.

Disinfect as possible.

Do you know that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest spaces in your home? After you’ve done the cooking and cleaning, make sure to spray some disinfectant on the area to eliminate unwanted bacteria and germs.


Mini storage for clutters.

Mini basket for clutters is a must-have in a living room. Before hitting the sack, make sure to pick up the clutters such as books, magazines, toys and other stuff in your leaving room and put them back in place the following morning. By doing so, it will be less hassle to clean your living area.

Get rid of the dust in appliances and furniture.

Don’t wait for the dirt and dust to accumulate in your appliances and furniture. By making a habit of wiping the dust off, it will be easy for you to clean up.


Storage for bathrooms.

It’s always a nice feeling to relax and take a warm shower in an organized and tidy bathroom. In small homes, it is quite expected that the bathroom space is also just enough. However, you can utilize every space in your bathroom for storage. You can have wall-hanging baskets or even a small shelf to organize your things. Moreover, there are countless ways in organizing your bathroom belongings.

Keep the disinfectant and cleansing powder in sight.

Just like the tips mentioned in the keeping your kitchen clean, it is also important to do such thing in your bathroom.

Wipe off the counters and sink with a bit of cleansing powder once a day. And clean the toilet area at least twice a week.

Also, disinfect as much as possible.

Keep the fallen hair off the drain.

After taking a shower, it won’t hurt to pick up the fallen hair off the drain. Don’t wait for it to accumulate and start causing floor drain clogs.

Trash bin in place.

Place a trash bin under the sink or in the corner of the bathroom. Make sure to empty it every morning.

Deodorize to eliminate odor.

Put a deodorizer or freshener inside your bathroom to eliminate unwanted odors.


Baskets for dirty and fresh laundry.

As you transfer the dirty clothes from your room into the laundry area, make it a daily routine to separate the white clothes, colored ones, underwear and pants. By doing so, you won’t be having a hard time sorting out clothes in doing your laundry. Moreover, get a separate basket for your clean clothes.

Organize your laundry essentials.

Just like most of the things on the other sections of your home, keep your laundry materials organized.


Organize your cleaning supplies and put it under the sink or any storage that you find convenient.

• Always keep a baking soda, vinegar and lemon in hand for future use in hard to remove stains and dirt. Its an inexpensive and natural way of cleaning.


  • Find a tiny space in your house and transform it into storage. It is essential for organizing your cleaning supplies and other tools. 
  • Place a space-saving vertical containers for tissue rolls and door-hanging racks for sprays, disinfectants, detergent, etc.

  • Screw some hooks for the floor mops, feather dusters, hand towels and dust pans.

  • For people who have lots of empty boxes, fold to flatten them. Keep your boxes for future use.


For those who are living with pets:

Use a vacuum or lint roller to swiftly get the pet hair off all your furniture.
• Bathe your pets twice or thrice a week to avoid unwanted smell and hair dander.
• Make a storage space for your pets’ stuff and food.
• Practice discipline on your pets to avoid clutters from chewing books, wires or even sofas.

Final Thoughts…

To sum it up, here are the things you should keep in mind:

1. Clean as you go.
2. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff because it will only add to the clutter.
3. Choose space-saving furniture.
4. Make use of the multifunctional storage pieces for organizing.
5. Allocate a day each week as your deep-cleaning day.

Is it always pleasurable to live in a neat and tidy home, no matter how small or large it is. If you’ll follow the tips and tricks that were listed above, definitely, you won’t be having problems in keeping your home spotless.

As for myself, I’ll keep those smart hacks in mind make it a daily habit.