10 Best Fashion Statements in ‘Game of Thrones’

Most “Game of Thrones” fans watch the series because of the epic fantasy-drama plot, characters and overall production quality. That’s a no-brainer actually. Every scene in the series is an eye candy and something to look forward to. But, there’s another thing why I love the series so much – the intricate and elegant costumes. I can’t help but fall in love with the characters because of their regal looks, no matter how evil some of them are.


Watching “Game of Thrones” again makes me notice even more the details of each costume. You can’t blame me for another series marathon – the seventh season is still out of my reach! So, let’s just savor once again these top 10 looks in the show throughout all six seasons.

10. Cersei’s Luxurious Lannister Robe

From the fourth episode of Season 1 titled “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things,” there are so many people in the scene where a tourney is commenced to welcome Ned Stark. But, Cersei Lannister really caught my eye because of her unique getup. Red and brown hues perfectly blend together to create a stunning outfit. The needlework of the Lannister symbol on the robe is also detailed and eye-catching. I also can’t get enough of Cersei’s hairstyle coupled with this costume. Cersei looks so evil yet majestic in this scene.


9. Jaime’s Dashing Lannister Armor

In this scene from Season 1’s seventh episode titled “You Win or You Die,” Jaime Lannister’s camp is preparing for war. But, come on – look at him! Jaime looks like a charming devil with his sly smile and stunning armor ensemble. Every detail designed all over Jaime’s getup is representing the Lannisters: the lion symbol, red cape and gold accents. Jaime in this getup reminds me of Prince Charming in fairy tales.


8. Joffrey Baratheon’s Name Day Outfit

Even from afar, you can clearly see the detail on Joffrey’s ensemble. Looking at his grace and elegance in this scene from the first episode of Season 2 titled “The North Remembers” makes me forget about his loathsome character. Also, his crown which represents the stag symbol of House Baratheon is a beauty. Clearly, it resembles the horns of a stag. His outfit as a king is also unique compared to the typical crown and cape getup of other ordinary kings, not just in “Game of Thrones” but in other works of art and entertainment.


7. Daenerys Targaryen’s Sheer Elegant Dress

I know Dany is one stunningly beautiful character. But, with this blue and gold dress she wears during a party in the City of Qarth, the Mother of Dragons looks even more magnificent! This outfit from Season 2’s fifth episode titled “The Ghost of Harrenhal” is definitely one of my personal favorites. It can even be worn in galas in this modern generation. It is sheer in the lower part which gives a peek on Dany’s legs. But, the whole vibe of the dress is just plain elegance. I’ve been thinking about replicating this outfit so I can wear it for myself in formal occasions.


6. Double Threat: Cersei’s Rich Gown and Margaery Tyrell’s Simple Laced Dress

Cersei is one of the characters of “Game of Thrones” who always slays with her fierce fashion sense. Margaery, on the other hand, stays graceful with her feminine flowing gowns. In this particular scene from the eighth episode of Season 3 titled “Second Sons,” Cersei and Margaery have a subtle yet tense conversation before Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark’s wedding. The lace and embroidery work of their gowns is stunning. I can’t imagine how long it took for the production to finish those gowns.


5. Sansa’s First Wedding Gown

Still from the same episode, despite the dull look of Sansa in this scene because let’s face it – she doesn’t want to marry Tyrion, her wedding gown and robe are jaw-dropping masterpieces! Her whole look spells Q-U-E-E-N all over even though she clearly has a different path to undertake.


4. Margaery’s Seductive Thorns Wedding Gown

This may be one of the simplest gowns here, but what I love about this dress is the details. If you look closely, the embroidery work resembles thorny stems from roses. It makes sense because House Tyrell’s symbol is a golden rose. Margaery also wears the sexiest gowns, so it is expected that her wedding gown is a seductive one which exposes her chest and back. Aside from Margaery’s wedding gown, there’s another delightful scene from Season 4’s second episode titled “The Lion and the Rose” that has nothing to do with fashion. Wink, wink.


3. Margaery’s Black and Gold Mourning Gown

Margaery might be “mourning” for somebody in the third episode of Season 4 titled “Breaker of Chains,” but her black gown still catches my attention because of its beautiful embroidery resembling gold roses. This is another one of my personal favorites aside from Dany’s sheer elegant dress.


2. Daenerys’s White Immaculate Gown

From all detailed and intricate outfits I mentioned to this pure white gown as the second best in this list – I know it may sound silly. But, I love how unique and functional it is. Cersei, Margaery and Sansa would never stand a chance with their gowns in the battlefield. In the ninth episode of Season 5, everything starts to get rowdy but Dany still looks divine because of this white gown. When Dany finally rides Drogon, the gown divides into different sections, and shows her pants and boots. I was delightfully surprised when I first watched it. The getup is elegant and edgy at the same time.



1. Queen Cersei’s Fierce Black Gown

I hate Cersei’s guts, I really do. But wow, her gown in the final episode of Season 6 titled “Winds of Winter” is totally the best one for me. The gown is black all over, but the details nail the look. Its structure is also unique. I think this is the only turtleneck gown I’ve seen in the series. The details make the gown look like it is made of rich leather. The whole getup commands authority which is fitting for the last scene of Cersei.


Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’ve been checking for updates since the end of Season 6. I really can’t wait for the next season! There’s nothing left to do but to keep checking for updates and watching reruns. Like me, maybe you would spot more interesting details that you haven’t noticed when you first watched the episodes.

How to Look Unique with Different Bohemian Styles

Some people may think that they know exactly what Bohemian style is. After all, this style aims to amplify how artistic and unique a person is. But, how can you be unique when some people also follow this fashion statement? My tip for a unique Bohemian ensemble is simple – mix it up! You can do that by knowing the development of this style through the years. You might be surprised how varied Bohemian style is.

What Does ‘Bohemian’ Mean?

Interestingly, Bohemians are originally known as refugees or travelers from central Europe. They are also called gypsies. In modern times, the word “bohemian” is shortened to “boho” whenever incorporated with fashion. Hence, the “boho-chic” era. Bohemian is often associated with freedom or liberation.

Different Bohemian Styles

I compiled my own list of various styles based on what I’ve learned about Bohemian fashion history. Even I was amazed how unfamiliar some of the styles are in this generation. For your next Bohemian-themed party or whenever you feel like wearing it, make sure to try these classic styles:

Jane Morris Style

A famous painting model in the pre-Raphaelite age, Jane Morris is one of the early inspirations of Bohemian style. She usually wore a flowing dress like what most women were wearing in her time but with a prominent difference – no corset, collar, crinoline, hoop and other restrictive accessories. Her structure-less fashion sense may be outrageous in the past but in the 20th century, she became an inspiration for style. As for her hair, she just let it flow in big waves on both sides of her temples. For the accessories, she wore a lot of exotic beads.

Modern Version

To avoid looking ancient because of a puffy, droopy dress, wear a shorter one. It doesn’t have to be puffy. You just have to wear a loose one and balance it out with a belt. Although the outfit has a lot of wrinkly portions, it is part of the style. You would look cool and comfortable. The off-shoulder style gives a seductive vibe, which exactly captures the essence of Bohemian fashion in the past.

Effie Gray Style

Euphemia Gray was one fearless, independent woman. She pursued what she wanted to do no matter how scandalous, and that’s leaving her first husband. She ended up marrying a pre-Raphaelite painter. Gray was known for her love in putting actual flowers on her hair and clothes as accessories. Her unforgettable style was circling the flowers around her hair.

Modern Version

You don’t need to put actual flowers on your hair. It doesn’t even have to be colorful. Just wear a circlet with floral shapes. This style became a staple part in Bohemian fashion.

Dorelia Style

The gypsy look became popular in the 20th century because of Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeill. Dorelia was the muse in the paintings of Augustus John. She usually wore full, long skirts either covered with bright colors or just a plain dark color. When it comes to the upper part of her dresses, she liked to wear it tight and match it with a colorful bodice. She also liked wearing long earrings. Her style is one of the most favorite looks of the modern Bohemian fashion.

Modern Version

For the top, you can still wear it tight and even shorter. But, you need to have a full skirt for balance. You can also match a dark-colored top with a colorful skirt or vice versa.

1940s Parisian Peasant Style

The year 1944 is known to be the time when Paris was finally liberated. For some reason, Parisian women liked to wear white blouses and colorful peasant skirts. They also loved wearing flowers on their hair and big fancy earrings. Some even wore ridiculously big hats full of decorations such as ribbons, feathers, fruits and flowers.

Modern Version

I personally liked this Bohemian style the most. It is feminine and fit for young women of this generation. You can maintain the white blouse and make the skirt shorter. Keep the skirt pretty and colorful.

Victoria Secret Peasant Skirt

Talitha Getty Style

Coincidentally, one of the trendsetters of Bohemian fashion is related to another style icon. Talitha Getty, an actress popular in the 1960s, was the step-granddaughter of Dorelia McNeill. Her stylish and liberated photographs in Morocco created a craze among hippies. She loved wearing colorful flowing dresses with detailed embroidery.

Modern Version

Nothing has changed much since Getty posed for beautiful photographs in Morocco. Getty is one of the most favorite icons for modern Bohemian fashion. When you search for Bohemian fashion online, you will see a lot of Getty inspirations.

Western Bohemian Style

Ever wondered why some current Bohemian outfits are matched with cowboy boots and ultra mini shorts? Still in the ‘60s, American hippie travelers in Morocco preferred wearing cowboy boots and embroidered skirts. But, when they came across 1950s-style underwear popular in Marrakesh, they decided to wear them like shorts or outside their pants.

Jamie Rosenberg

Modern Version

Denim mini shorts are trendy nowadays, not just with Bohemian fashion. The Western Bohemian style is popular during music festivals. You can mix this style with Getty’s popular fashion statement. You can wear a colorful embroidered blouse or scarf worn over a white top. Then, add the cowboy boots.

Celebrity Bohemian Styles

What I like about celebrities wearing Bohemian fashion is that they mix and match different styles. That’s exactly how you can be more unique. Here are some of my favorite celebs rocking Bohemian style:

Vanessa Hudgens

A sheer flowing dress always works. Do you also notice the bag? Vanessa Hudgens effortlessly mixed Jane Morris and Western Bohemian style.

Blake Lively

This bombshell has a sophisticated and modern way to nail the Bohemian look. Blake Lively wore the usual colors and patterns of some Talitha Getty outfits on her modern-looking trench coat. Instead of cowboy boots, she just resorted to stylish knee-length boots.

Hannah Tietjen

Taylor Swift

This Bohemian outfit of Taylor Swift reminds me of the Parisian peasant style back in the ‘40s. Her modern Western hat and bag still look good with the whole feminine look.

Final Thoughts

As I was reading about Bohemian style, this fashion statement is not just about getting inspiration from a specific ethnic group. It is all about comfort and freedom in wearing whatever you want.