10 Instagram-Worthy Floor Tile Designs

Instagram has a huge collection of stylish and trendy photos. Snaps taken from travels, restaurants and other places are shared on this popular social media platform. Even your OOTD or “Outfit of the Day” can be posted here.

In my case, I love taking pictures of my shoes. As much as possible, my travel photos must have at least one shot of my footwear. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Why? The floor is either dirty or tacky. In some instances, you just can’t see the beauty of shoes when stepping on the wrong floor. That’s why when I came across these photos of beautiful tile floor designs, I’m surely amazed. They would look perfect on Instagram!

Modern Blue & White

This design looks so immaculate. Geometric floral patterns can give the floor a modern elegant look. Of course, let’s not forget the right shade of blue used. Darker shades of blue are cool and relaxing to look at. In the picture below, the design matches perfectly with the homey interior of the house.

Porcelanosa Antique Silver

Sometimes, I love taking photos of unique bathroom floors in some hotels during travels. But, that happens rarely. Most hotels just use the traditional white bathroom floor tiles. With this silver detailed floor design, I would surely take a snap immediately. The floor tiles look so intricate and classy. This is a luxurious addition to a room’s interior.

English Oak Parquet

I can’t help but include this interesting oak parquet. I always loved wood tiles because they give an antique effect. Wooden floors make pictures look vintage and nostalgic. Just look at how intricate the pattern is. The parquet has different colors and directions of wood grain. It has a smart design, worthy of many Instagram photos.

Small Octagon and Square Pattern

This all-white geometrically patterned floor tiles would look perfect with my brightly-colored shoes. The design is eye-catching and sophisticated.

Starry Night

This one is probably my most favorite. It looks trendy and youthful. It is the perfect background for sneakers. The design may be simple, but that’s the beauty of it.

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Geometric Optical Illusion

You might get hypnotized by this design. Like the previous octagon and square pattern, this geometric floor tiles are also sophisticated to look at. The best part? The floor looks 3-D, as if cubes are coming out. I’m sure my Instagram followers would like this floor together with my shoes.

Concrete Inlaid with Brass

This is my runner-up for the Starry Night floor tiles. This design would make any flooring luxurious. Brass resembles gold when put together with concrete. How amazing is that? I would love to have these floor tiles in my own home.

Elegant Floral

Looking back on the first design, this elegant floral one resembles the modern blue and white because of the theme. This one, though, is much intricate and has softer shapes. It also gives a feminine touch to the interior. That’s the beauty of floral patterns.


The most creative design from my list is definitely this one. Notice how the colors resemble flames. Tiny tiles formed into flames and arches? Now, that’s what I call creativity and hard work. Definitely a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

75001 – Rue Saint-Honoré Looking back at some of my first images that I took in Paris, I wish I could re-shoot certain floors in better light or with different shoes. This one was on top of my list. Unfortunately the restaurant where I shot this floor closed and the new "modern" restaurant decided to put a wooden parquet floor over this one ( i hope they put it on top of it and not destroy the beautiful old mosaic floor). So my quest for more of this super cool palm shaped mosaics in different colors continues. Have a nice sunday afternoon! #parisianfloors#ihavethisthingwithfloors#ihavethisthingwithtiles#fromwhereistand#selfeet#paris#floor#tiles#mosaic#carrelage#carreauxdeciment#pattern#design#architecture#interiordesign#shoes#espadrilles

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Teal Hexagons with Starburst Pattern

Lastly, we have another geometric design. The floor looks so creative and sharp. It is an eye candy and conversation starter. It can make your Instagram snaps even more fun.

Another awesome floor from @colemoser in #dsfloors

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Final Thoughts

We must never underestimate the power of flooring. It can elevate the whole look of any room – even our Instagram photos. So, don’t just take pictures of yourself, food and landscapes. Look down and you might see art underneath your feet.