Floral Wall Painting Inspiration: The Little Polish Village of Zalipie

Design your house as if it came straight out of a fairy tale! Decorating your home with actual flowers or floral home accessories is fine enough. But, painting your walls full of colorful flowers can take it to a whole new level. Just take a look at this dreamy village of Zalipie, Poland. You might find some wall painting inspirations here.

Why So Many Flowers?

The beauty of Zalipie blossoms thanks to an old tradition. During the 19th century, the village’s custom was painting the interior and exterior walls of the house with bright colors. Why? Smoke from the chimneys left dirt all over the walls. But, the female villagers wanted pretty houses. So, they concealed the darkened walls with bright geometric shapes using lime, soot, clay, adhesives such as egg whites, and brushes made of horse hair or leather. Over time, the spots were formed into flowers. As years went by, the simple flowers turned into detailed wall garlands and bouquets, complete with healthy-looking leaves. The wall paintings are visible up to this day.

Recreate Your Own Zalipie House

Painting decorations on the exterior walls of your house is a brave move. You have to be skilled in drawing details and applying the right colors. After all, passersby would definitely have something to say. However, you can start small with specific rooms or areas inside the house.

Meticulous Planning

We want to avoid regrets after painting a wall. It would be a waste of time, effort and money. That’s why we have to plan even the smallest details.

  • Architectural Factors: Decide whether or not to include the windows, doors, electrical outlets, light fixtures and other immovable objects near or attached to the wall. Decorating doors can actually be a fun activity. If not, put tape on these areas to ensure that paint won’t smear on them.
  • Colors: Make sure that the colors would look perfect in the overall design. Don’t let some colors overpower the whole decoration. If you’re going for a bright red flower, choose other bright colors as well.
  • Design: Decide which flower shapes you’re going to use. You can search for stencils to follow as guides. Flowers of different shapes are going to look great together. You can also draw the design’s layout on a paper first to avoid mistakes.


Prepare Carefully

Now, keep these in mind before you start painting:

  • Materials: The essential tools in painting your wall are stencil (if necessary), brush, spray adhesive, paper towel, latex interior or craft paint, and cloth or cardboard for floor protection.
  • Clean Wall: For a wall that’s covered in scrapes and bumps, you can use a magic eraser. Just scrub lightly to avoid destroying the paintwork. If your wall is not that dirty, just wipe it first with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Practice: You need to practice first on a cardboard. This is useful in choosing the colors and design.


Using Stencils

If you opt for stencils, you need something to attach them to the wall. Spray adhesives are more preferable than painter’s tape because they make lines much smoother. These are perfect for detailing. Quick tip: Wait for the adhesive to dry at least 3 minutes on the stencil before attachment. This enables you to attach and remove the stencil many times before another spray.


The Moment We’re Waiting for – Painting!

To avoid paint seeping through the stencils or going out of the outline, make sure that only a little paint is absorbed by your brush. Paper towels are useful in absorbing excess paint. Just brush on a paper towel first before finally applying paint on the wall.

Another effective way is to paint the flowers first before the leaves. The leaves don’t have to follow a layout. After painting the flowers, you can just paint the leaves between spaces and around the petals. If you want a definite layout for the leaves, use stencils.

Final Touches

Messy outlines are no big deal. You can clean them up with a damp Q-tip or wet wipe while the paintwork is still fresh. If the paint is already dry, draw a smoother outline over the existing work with a thin brush.


Floral decorations are so pretty that they make you feel relaxed. They make your place more homey and welcoming. Don’t hesitate to put some flower power into your home like what the creative villagers of Zalipie did.