10 Feel-Good Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a special celebration that people either fall in love even more or ponder about being single. No matter what you’re going through on February 14, we all deserve to feel good. Put some color during your V-Day with this happy playlist of love songs!

“Love on Top” (Beyoncé)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “You’re the one I love/You’re the one I need/You’re the only one I see/Come on baby, it’s you.”

Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” has a jazzy beat, perfect in spreading good vibes. If your body pops and sways with the beat, then that’s normal. With this song in the background, dancing with the one you love seems like the most natural thing in world. The lyrics are also easy to remember. Just imagine you and your partner singing and dancing to this song. That would be one memorable Valentine’s Day moment.

“Kiss Me” (Sixpence None The Richer)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Oh, kiss me/Beneath the milky twilight/Lead me/Out on the moonlit floor.”

Feel young again with this smash hit from Sixpence None The Richer. “Kiss Me” is the epitome of young love. With this song, you won’t feel any inhibitions in your love life. You can’t resist reminiscing your first times with the person you love. I’m sure you won’t feel any blues with this song.

“How Deep Is Your Love” (Bee Gees)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Cause we’re living in a world of fools/Breaking us down/When they all should let us be/We belong to you and me.”

The iconic group Bee Gees has so many chart-topping songs, including this feel-good hit “How Deep Is Your Love.” This love song is perfect for lovers who are trying to be optimistic during tough times. Aside from the poetic lyrics, this song has a very easy, relaxing sound. Listening to this is like taking a walk with your special someone down a quiet, colorful city. The sweet harmony of Bee Gees just makes you want to lie down on a grass and savor the moment.

“Best of My Love” (The Emotions)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “My life has a better meaning/Love has kissed me in a beautiful way.”

The Emotions’ hit “Best of My Love” has a sassy, upbeat music. The powerful harmonies make you want to sing along. It can be the perfect background music while you’re dancing across the room because of too much joy. The lyrics add to the song’s feel-good quality. The song just simply talks about a couple who doesn’t care if the whole world sees how they show their affection with each other. Their relationship just makes them ecstatic.

“I Just Called to Say I Love You” (Stevie Wonder)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I just called to say how much I care/I just called to say I love you/And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to be lonely this Valentine’s Day. Good thing Stevie Wonder’s classic hit “I Just Called to Say I Love You” has a relaxing, optimistic vibe. The title speaks for itself. Sometimes, you just need to let someone know how much you love them. Distance can mean no physical contact and gifts. But, one call can mean so much.

“My Girl” (The Temptations)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me/I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.”

The Temptations’ classic song “My Girl” conveys pure devotion of a man. Men in relationships would fall in love with their women even more. Ladies, on the other hand, would even feel more loved with song. Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to keep romantic relationships alive. With this song, that becomes easier.

“Cherish” (Madonna)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Cherish the thought of always having you here by my side/Cherish the joy/You keep bringing it into my life.”

Madonna may be rowdy in most of her songs. But, her song “Cherish” has an upbeat melody and innocent lyrics. Unconditional love is so special. That’s what the song is trying to convey. You should not expect something in return when you truly love somebody. It is always the thought that counts.

“They Long to Be (Close to You)” (The Carpenters)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “Why do birds suddenly appear/Every time you are near?/Just like me/They long to be/Close to you.”

Everything about this song is so pure. Coupled with Karen Carpenter’s smooth and lovely voice, “Close to You” makes you believe in true love. The lyrics are so poetic, perfectly capturing how you feel when you’re falling in love with somebody.

“I Love You Always Forever” (Donna Lewis)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “I love you always forever/Near and far, closer together/Everywhere I will be with you/Everything I will do for you.”

There’s just something about a sweet voice like what Donna Lewis has. Lewis sang “I Love You Always Forever” so sweetly that you can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with your significant other. Her song simply refers to a love that can stand the test of time and distance.

“Lovin’ You” (Minnie Riperton)

Best Feel-Good Lyrics: “No one else can make me feel/The colors that you bring/Stay with me while we grow old/And we will live each day in springtime.”

Like Donna Lewis, Minnie Riperton has that sweet and memorable voice. “Lovin’ You” belongs to the most iconic love songs of the century. It is always used in movies and sitcoms to depict a cliché love story. I mean, who doesn’t feel good with this song? With the birds chirping in the background, Riperton’s classic is a go-to Valentine’s Day song.

Final Thoughts

When you feel good just by listening to a song, I think it has something to do with how upbeat the melody is and how relatable the lyrics are. Feel-good songs will never let you think about bad thoughts. Trigger happy memories by making a playlist out of these songs I suggested. Trust me, you will stay happy and in love with this playlist. Happy Valentine’s Day!