Rustic Home Interiors: Must-Try Classy Decors

In designing your own home, a lot of styles and inspirations can be drawn out from home style magazines and the internet. Most of the styles featured on the prints and TV are following a certain motif and genre and usually needs every components inside the house to jive in. And since most of it are done by a schooled interior designer or a software, most spaces or furniture are standard and commercially available.

These spaces and home decors are of course beautiful and of top of the line. When you buy one or a set, it is sure that you won’t be regretting your decision. However, the décors you chose are actually just a copy of a mass produced one thereby making the interior design of your home not that unique. If you’re the type of person who always wants to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, conforming to the best-sellers is definitely a no-no. In these times, you can never find something out from a store that only you can have. Somewhere or sometime, another one of the exact same type will be available for the next buyer and you won’t have a say about it.

The only way for your home to be unique is to create your own décors, do-it-yourself style. Since the trend nowadays is going modern, having a rustic style décor that you made from your own hands could never be more unique than what you imagine you’ll have. Get ready to get dirty and sweaty because you have a job to do to satisfy your hunger for new and unique things. We have just the right things for you today so check it out!

Wood Pallet Coffee Table

The majority of the clutters you’ll find in your storage or outside your house are excess stashed wood pallets. Most of us are having a hard time sorting out and keeping those pallets because they’re space consuming and dust-holders.

However, you can make use of you old pallets and transform them into something useful and resourceful, just like this rustic pallet coffee table.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• hammer
• screw
• driller
• sand paper
• miter saw
• varnish solution
How to do it:
1. Remove dust and other foreign materials off the pallets.
2. Detach the boards that were perpendicular hammered on the pallets.
3. Make use of the removed boards as frame support for the table. Make two table frames for the top and bottom.
4. If there are excess in lengths, cut them off.
5. Start to screw the boards down.
6. Cut the table legs to you desired height. And then, screw them into bottom pallet.
7. Sand the table.
8. After doing so, paint some varnish on it. Let it dry completely.
9. Once dried, put the top pallet onto bottom and join the two.

And there you go! You have your rustic look coffee table ready! Quite easy, right? You just have to exert extra effort for this one, an excellent way to exercise your muscles.

Table Suitcase

Are you a hoarder of suitcases? Guess what, you can make use of your old suitcases and transform them into something useful and decorative, like a table suitcase. By doing so, you won’t be having any problems in storing your used luggage and at the same time, you’re making a storage that can be helpful in organizing your stuff.

Tools and Materials:
• old suitcase
• four table legs
• 4 wing nuts
• 8 flat washers
• Power drill
• paint of your desired color
• paint brush
• yard stick
• measuring tape
• fine pointed marker or pen
How to do it:
1. Using a measuring tool, lay flat your suitcase and measure and mark where you want to put the table legs.
2. Make holes at the marks you made using a power drill.
3. Paint the four table legs of your desired color and let them dry completely.
4. Put the flat washer on each leg.
5. Once dried up, attach the four table legs on the holes you made on the suitcase.
6. Place another flat washer over each hole in your suitcase.
7. Tighten and lock the table legs using a wing nut for each.

Voila! You already have a classic table suitcase. You can put books on the inside and place other stuff on the top of it.

Typographic Wall- Hanging Frame

Do you want to bring some life into your plain walls without spending too much? Well fellas, jazz up your boring walls with this classy and rustic styled wall-hanging frame décor from scrap wood pallets! Surely, this ingeniously stunning décor is an eye-candy for you and your visitors.

Tools and Materials:
• wood pallets
• miter saw
• hammer
• nails
• measuring tape
• sand paper
• contact paper
• wood glue
• pre-wood-conditioner
• stain
• craft paint (Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic paint)
• paint (darker shade)
How to do it:
1. Wipe the wood pallets with clean cloth to remove dirt and dust.
2. To make the pallet frame, with your miter saw, cut the pallet strips to your desired size of the frame décor. (This one has 2 @ 26” and 2 @ 32”).

3. Attach the edges of the frame using the wood glue and link them together with nails.
4. Cut 22 pallet strips leaving an inch of allowance for both sides. (This has 22 cut strips at 28”.)
5. Nail down he strips on the sides of the frame. Use a coin or any material that you find convenient in guiding you to achieve equal spaces.

6. After nailing the 22 pallet strips, smear the façade with pre-wood conditioner.
7. Moving forward, stain it with dark shade paint for a more rustic aura. Then let it dry overnight.
8. In a contact paper, cut out your chosen texts for the décor.
9. Transfer the contact paper to the pallet art and press it down to stick it well.
10. Using the Martha Stewart’s Silver Metallic tint, paint the letters evenly. And then, remove the contact paper carefully to reveal the stencil’s appearance.

11. One the paint dries up, smoothen the edges of the wood slats before hanging the frame on you wall.

See that? It may look complicated but it is certainly easy to do! Just be careful in using the tools though to avoid injuries.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelf is one of the ingenious ways of utilizing your old ladder and wood planks. Aside from its easy and creative, it offers a lot of storage spaces for small stuff like vases, books, and picture frames.

Tools and Materials:
• old double-sided ladder
• wood planks
• mitter saw
• wood glue
• screw
• power drill
• measuring steel tape
• paint
• sand paper
How to do it:
1. Take the dust off on your ladder and wood planks.
2. Measure the planks basing on the ladder’s width, so it will fit on each step.
3. Cut the measured planks.
4. Place the planks on each steps of the ladder.
5. Measure each length of the planks from top to bottom. The shelf should be triangular in front view.
6. After measuring the length of the planks, cut them and smoothen the edges with the use of sand paper.
7. Attach the planks to the steps of the ladder using wood glue.
8. Affix the planks on the steps by using screws and power drill.
9. You may paint the ladder shelf or you can leave it as is.

There you go! You can then use the shelf for organizing your stuff! The good thing about this shelf is the less demand in space and the bottom where it is situated can be easily cleaned.

Wood Planter Box

If you’re a fan of indoor gardens, then this rustic wood planter box fits you well! Buying planter boxes and pots can be costly, especially when you have lots of seedlings in hand. So instead of buying one from commercial stores, you can actually make one from the old forgotten wood planks in your storage space.

Tools and Materials:
• old wood planks
• power drill
• miter saw
• L-brackets
• Screws
• Hammer
How to do it:
1. Cut three equally measured pieces of you wood planks for the sides and base of the planter.
2. Make another cut for the two ends of the planter. Make sure that both will fit.
3. With your drill, screw in the L brackets on the edges of the planter box.

And it’s done! You can add the soil and any plants on the wood planter box. If you want the planter box on the inside of your house, you can smear some paint or varnish mixture on it.

Rustic Rope Frame

The rustic rope frame is one of great and inexpensive ways to personalize your interior decors. It is very easy to do, in fact you can do this with your kids—for sure they’ll love to make one.

Tools and Materials:
• inexpensive frame or old frame with wide border
• jute rope
• glue sticks
• glue gun
How to do it:
1. Using your hot glue, start attaching the jute rope on the inside corner of the frame.
2. Put the rope along the melted glue and press it down and allow it to dry for a moment.
3. Repeat the entire process in a spiral direction until all sides of the frame border are wrapped with ropes.

Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

If you have a rustic themed house, then these mason jar wall lanterns suits perfectly for it. It doesn’t just beautify your interior but also it gives a romantic touch to the surroundings.

Tools and Materials:
• 5 1/2″ x 16″ wood planks
• 4″ plant hanger hooks
• two mason jars
• awl or nail punch tool
• dark walnut wood stain
• candles
• small stones
• heavy duty twine
• smalltooth steel hangers
How to do it:
For the wood planks:
1. Create a “beat up” effect on your wood planks. Or if you have an old rustic-look wood plank, leave it as it is.
2. Coat the wood with Dark Walnut stain and let it dry overnight.
3. Put the hooks and then install the BACK sawtooth hanger hardware first to your desired measurement on the planks.
4. Afterwards, mount the hooks to the front of the planks.
For the lantern:
1. Make two opposing holes on the top of your mason jars.
2. Cut enough twine to make a double layer of it into each hole and tie it twice tightly on the bottom of the Mason jar cover. The length of the twine varies on the size of the plank and the jars.
3. Fill the Mason jars with the stones and bury the candles on top of the rock bed.
4. Using a nail, hang each plank on the wall and then hang the decorated Mason jars.

Your mason jar wall lanterns is ready for everyone to see! However, please keep in mind that if you’re planning to light up the candles, use metallic wires for hanging.

Driftwood Mirror

In a bedroom, shower room or even in the living area, one thing that will always catch a person’s attention is the mirror. However, isn’t it dreary to look at yourself in a plain mirror every single day?I bet, it is.

Why don’t you revamp you mirror with some rustic material? A driftwood perhaps. Definitely, you’re every day trip in the front of the mirror will not be the same as it was before. Trust me, good mirrors can improve your looks too!

Tools and Materials:
• driftwood
• clean mirror
• 2” painters tape
• glue sticks
• glue gun
• measuring tool
How to do it:
1. With you measuring tool, measure a distance of 4 inches from the edge of mirror’s frame, going inwards. Mark the measured distances.
2. Tape the measured gaps using the 2” painters adhesive tape.
3. Fill the 4 inches distance with driftwood and glue gun. Until all edges are filled with it.

It’s amazing to know that you can actually create a very stunning mirror out of scraps in a very short period of time. Perhaps, you can try it too!

There you go folks! I am truly hoping that these Do-It-Yourself exquisite rustic decors will inspire you of making one. Always remember that when you’re planning of jazzing up your home interiors,before hitting the nearest shop mart, learn to explore and inspect you surroundings first and maybe, you will able to find any fine materials that you can actually utilize and transform into something new. By doing such, you are not just saving, you are also recycling!