Makeup Tips on Applying Setting Powder

When it comes to makeup, I always feel incomplete without face powder. It feels so wrong when I apply everything: eyebrow makeup, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and lipstick – without powder on my face! You can’t blame me, applying face powder is one of the major or basic essentials in makeup. Things such as concealers, bronzers, contour and highlights got popular in this generation only. But in the past years, as old as the Renaissance age, face powder is already used by aristocrats.

Types of Face Powders

As time goes by, however, applying face powder becomes a complicated thing. There are already types of face powders for different purposes. Good thing I managed to catch up because when I was younger, I was already contented with my powder compact. Seems that in this generation, women are already looking for different effects on their faces such as the plain and simple type, some glamorous shimmer in formal occasions, and the tropical dewy skin.

If you’re confused right now like I was a couple of years ago, find out the different types of face powders:

Loose Powder

Typically, loose powder comes in containers such as small jars. It is preferably applied with a kabuki brush because it is finer than most face powders. Its purpose is to give the face a light hint of powder. But, since it is too fine, loose powder becomes messy to use with all the puffing and spreading all over the place. That’s why loose powder is meant to use at home. Loose powder is meant for a fast puff before going somewhere.

Pressed Powder

Now, this is more popular for daily use. You don’t need to be a pro in makeup to use pressed powders because this is made in the form of our go-to makeup savior – powder compact. The downside of pressed powders is what we noticed in many women – a cake-y face. It is all because of how big its particles are, way bigger than loose powder. But, it is the most convenient type to use when you have someplace to go to.

Finishing Powder

Also known as HD powder, finishing powder is usually used by professional makeup artists especially for photoshoots, pageants, films and television appearances. It provides a high definition effect because of its white and smooth coverage. It is standard to use this as the final layer of powder on the face.

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Setting Powder

This is probably my most favorite type of face powder. Setting powder is more convenient to use than loose powder. It has better effect than pressed powder. It is also faster to use than finishing powder. The main purpose of setting powder is to avoid an oily or shiny look on the face after using foundation. It also aims to prolong the stay of powder on the face to avoid a series of retouches that can be such a hassle. The best part about setting powder is that there are so many affordable alternatives for this, especially the setting powders sold in drugstores. Aside from its affordability many of the best drugstore setting powder are easy to pick up from local drug store and have many options to choose from.

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Tips on Using Setting Powder

Because setting powder is the perfect blend of professional finish yet convenience in application and budget, I recommend not forgetting to include this in your makeup kit. To avoid mistakes in applying setting powder, I’m going to give you tips on how to use it:

The Right Brush and Technique to Use

Use a soft yet thick brush in medium or large size. Before applying the setting powder, tap it first to shake off excess. If you forget to do this, it would be a waste of powder since your face can’t possibly absorb everything in the brush. Besides, it would be too messy if the tapping part is not done.

Now, don’t spread the powder immediately once the brush touches your face. You have to press the brush gently on your cheek first. Then, slowly make circular motions with the brush for an even powder coverage.

To ensure smoother coverage, I use an extra brush that’s small but still soft to remove excess powder on skin. But, that’s just me being meticulous. If you don’t have extra brushes, it is fine. Just press a soft cloth on areas with excess powder. Don’t wipe the area though. Gentle pats will do.

The Right Technique under the Eyes

Honestly, I disliked this part of makeup process in the past. I found it difficult to balance substances I apply on areas under my eyes. My concealer used to look distracting because of creases and uneven color. Good thing I learned that after putting a minimal amount of concealer under my eyes, I need to use a small yet thick, soft brush basically used for blending eyeshadow. But, you should not use this small brush to blend the concealer and powder. Just press it on top of areas with concealer. For blending, use the same brush you’re using for the whole face.

The Right Way to Use a Powder Puff

Powder puff is usually underestimated because it looks outdated. It is often associated with grandmothers. But, this is actually useful for oily skin types. The right technique to achieve flawless makeup with a puff is putting only a light amount of powder underneath it and tapping excess off on the back of your hand before application. Then, you just have to roll it gently and evenly all over the face. To ensure ultimate smoothness, use a brush to remove excess powder on your face.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Setting Powder

Another mistake you can encounter with setting powder is not choosing the right one for your skin. Here are two important things you should think about before purchasing a setting powder:


To play on the safe side, use translucent setting powder. This type of setting powder just go for texture, not changing the color of your foundation. It is also very light, so it gives a more natural look. It is perfect for all skin tones since it doesn’t have a tint. Translucent setting powder is colorless but gives a slight shine on your face.

Tint or Color

This is great for darker skin tones. If the color of your foundation is too bright for your skin, correct the tone with tinted or colored setting powder. But, it doesn’t darken the skin completely. It still gives a brighter vibe but not overwhelming for dark skin. It also balances out red areas on your face due to natural or artificial things such as rash and too much blush.

Final Thoughts

Makeup gets more complicated as years pass, doesn’t it? But, look at the bright side – this happens because of easy access to makeup tutorials on blogs and YouTube. Even if makeup gets complex, you will definitely learn it with patience and dedication. At least now, for starters, you already know how setting powder differs from other types of face powders.

10 Best Fashion Statements in ‘Game of Thrones’

Most “Game of Thrones” fans watch the series because of the epic fantasy-drama plot, characters and overall production quality. That’s a no-brainer actually. Every scene in the series is an eye candy and something to look forward to. But, there’s another thing why I love the series so much – the intricate and elegant costumes. I can’t help but fall in love with the characters because of their regal looks, no matter how evil some of them are.


Watching “Game of Thrones” again makes me notice even more the details of each costume. You can’t blame me for another series marathon – the seventh season is still out of my reach! So, let’s just savor once again these top 10 looks in the show throughout all six seasons.

10. Cersei’s Luxurious Lannister Robe

From the fourth episode of Season 1 titled “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things,” there are so many people in the scene where a tourney is commenced to welcome Ned Stark. But, Cersei Lannister really caught my eye because of her unique getup. Red and brown hues perfectly blend together to create a stunning outfit. The needlework of the Lannister symbol on the robe is also detailed and eye-catching. I also can’t get enough of Cersei’s hairstyle coupled with this costume. Cersei looks so evil yet majestic in this scene.


9. Jaime’s Dashing Lannister Armor

In this scene from Season 1’s seventh episode titled “You Win or You Die,” Jaime Lannister’s camp is preparing for war. But, come on – look at him! Jaime looks like a charming devil with his sly smile and stunning armor ensemble. Every detail designed all over Jaime’s getup is representing the Lannisters: the lion symbol, red cape and gold accents. Jaime in this getup reminds me of Prince Charming in fairy tales.


8. Joffrey Baratheon’s Name Day Outfit

Even from afar, you can clearly see the detail on Joffrey’s ensemble. Looking at his grace and elegance in this scene from the first episode of Season 2 titled “The North Remembers” makes me forget about his loathsome character. Also, his crown which represents the stag symbol of House Baratheon is a beauty. Clearly, it resembles the horns of a stag. His outfit as a king is also unique compared to the typical crown and cape getup of other ordinary kings, not just in “Game of Thrones” but in other works of art and entertainment.


7. Daenerys Targaryen’s Sheer Elegant Dress

I know Dany is one stunningly beautiful character. But, with this blue and gold dress she wears during a party in the City of Qarth, the Mother of Dragons looks even more magnificent! This outfit from Season 2’s fifth episode titled “The Ghost of Harrenhal” is definitely one of my personal favorites. It can even be worn in galas in this modern generation. It is sheer in the lower part which gives a peek on Dany’s legs. But, the whole vibe of the dress is just plain elegance. I’ve been thinking about replicating this outfit so I can wear it for myself in formal occasions.


6. Double Threat: Cersei’s Rich Gown and Margaery Tyrell’s Simple Laced Dress

Cersei is one of the characters of “Game of Thrones” who always slays with her fierce fashion sense. Margaery, on the other hand, stays graceful with her feminine flowing gowns. In this particular scene from the eighth episode of Season 3 titled “Second Sons,” Cersei and Margaery have a subtle yet tense conversation before Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark’s wedding. The lace and embroidery work of their gowns is stunning. I can’t imagine how long it took for the production to finish those gowns.


5. Sansa’s First Wedding Gown

Still from the same episode, despite the dull look of Sansa in this scene because let’s face it – she doesn’t want to marry Tyrion, her wedding gown and robe are jaw-dropping masterpieces! Her whole look spells Q-U-E-E-N all over even though she clearly has a different path to undertake.


4. Margaery’s Seductive Thorns Wedding Gown

This may be one of the simplest gowns here, but what I love about this dress is the details. If you look closely, the embroidery work resembles thorny stems from roses. It makes sense because House Tyrell’s symbol is a golden rose. Margaery also wears the sexiest gowns, so it is expected that her wedding gown is a seductive one which exposes her chest and back. Aside from Margaery’s wedding gown, there’s another delightful scene from Season 4’s second episode titled “The Lion and the Rose” that has nothing to do with fashion. Wink, wink.


3. Margaery’s Black and Gold Mourning Gown

Margaery might be “mourning” for somebody in the third episode of Season 4 titled “Breaker of Chains,” but her black gown still catches my attention because of its beautiful embroidery resembling gold roses. This is another one of my personal favorites aside from Dany’s sheer elegant dress.


2. Daenerys’s White Immaculate Gown

From all detailed and intricate outfits I mentioned to this pure white gown as the second best in this list – I know it may sound silly. But, I love how unique and functional it is. Cersei, Margaery and Sansa would never stand a chance with their gowns in the battlefield. In the ninth episode of Season 5, everything starts to get rowdy but Dany still looks divine because of this white gown. When Dany finally rides Drogon, the gown divides into different sections, and shows her pants and boots. I was delightfully surprised when I first watched it. The getup is elegant and edgy at the same time.



1. Queen Cersei’s Fierce Black Gown

I hate Cersei’s guts, I really do. But wow, her gown in the final episode of Season 6 titled “Winds of Winter” is totally the best one for me. The gown is black all over, but the details nail the look. Its structure is also unique. I think this is the only turtleneck gown I’ve seen in the series. The details make the gown look like it is made of rich leather. The whole getup commands authority which is fitting for the last scene of Cersei.


Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’ve been checking for updates since the end of Season 6. I really can’t wait for the next season! There’s nothing left to do but to keep checking for updates and watching reruns. Like me, maybe you would spot more interesting details that you haven’t noticed when you first watched the episodes.